• Target Areas

    Target Areas

    During a close-quarters fight, target areas on an attacker are the parts of his body that make him dangerous to you.

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  • Creating Behavioral Cover

    Creating Behavioral Cover

    Behavioral cover, although not often trained, is a tactic that may just save your life in a last-ditch survival improvisation. Rob Pincus explains how simply raising an object to your face, be it your hand, a book or a briefcase, can be enough to delay your enemy’s shot.

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  • 11:26

    Defensive Responses with a Knife

    Based on our understanding of angles and targeting, Michael Janich and Rob Pincus present four defensive responses that employ natural body mechanics and that we can use to defend against a knife attack. The demonstrations include how to classify incoming attacks, how to deal with these attacks, and how to understand defensive responses.

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