• 2:33

    Wingman Holsters Review

    PDN Contributor Deryck Poole gets a lot of questions from PDN viewers about what holster is the best. There is no objective answer to this question because it’s a matter of personal preference and intended use. Deryck takes every opportunity to review holsters and provide more information to PDN viewers, because holsters are essential defensive…

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  • Dry Fire Presentation from your Holster & Reloads

    Part 3: Dry Fire Presentation from Your Holster & Reloads

    Mike Hughes of Next Level Training demonstrates drawing from the holster or appendix carry. Instead of using a lot of power from the hips and core, he leads with the fingertips, minimizing unnecessary movement from the shoulders and neck and employing a relaxed, natural method of drawing. The draw should be practiced static, with movement,…

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  • 1:50

    Testing the CrossBreed MiniTuck Holster

    The CrossBreed Holsters MiniTuck Holster is an inside-the-waistband holster designed primarily for single-stack and small subcompact handguns. It is ideal for deep concealment of a small pistol or for those with a small body frame. Because it is intended for smaller guns, it does not take up as much space as the SuperTuck Holster. The…

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  • 2:29

    Crossbreed Belts: Part 2 – SPONSORED

    What Crossbreed Holsters has done recently with its tactical belt series is added a nice low-profile belt option. The Executive belt buckle comes in both a gloss gunmetal and a matte gunmetal, and the belt is offered in either black or brown leather. The Executive belts allow you to be more stylish and versatile in…

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  • 2:43

    CrossBreed Holsters – 2017 Tour Sponsor

    CrossBreed Holsters has sponsored the PDN Training Tour since the very first year, and we’re proud to have them with us again in 2017. Rob Pincus has done a lot of projects with CrossBreed over the years, but their support of the PDN Training Tour is definitely one of the highlights of their relationship. What…

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  • 4:08

    Kydex Magazine Holder: Functional Self Defense Gear

    When shopping for self-defense gear, look for gear that helps you accomplish tasks efficiently, not for gear that looks cool. Sounds simple, right? But it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying gear for the wrong reasons. Rob Pincus gets a lot of questions about what gear he is wearing, from people who’ve seen…

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  • Handgun Carry

    Carrying a Handgun Without a Belt

    For handgun carry when you’re just going about your daily life, most people are not kitted out the same way they are when taking a defensive firearms course or when practicing those skills. Sweat pants and a t-shirt are more likely to be your clothes of choice for running errands or doing chores around the…

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  • Crossbreed Freedom Holster

    Freedom Holster from Crossbreed Holsters

    Rob Pincus wears the AIWB Holster from CrossBreed Holsters. It is designed specifically for appendix carry, also known as centerline carry, with the clip off to the centerline of the gun for a right-handed shooter. He places the clip just past centerline, which puts the muzzle of the gun at about 1230 and the grip…

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  • Conceal and Carry

    Learn About the Latest Conceal and Carry Valkyrie Holster

    PDN Contributor and Owner of Bearco Training, Barret Kendrick, has been wearing the latest conceal and carry Valkyrie Holster by Castle Bravo Kydex. Valkyrie Holster Features Designed by Steve Rundall, this holster uses a feature that a few other holsters on the market recently have employed: a wing-type feature that puts positive pressure on the…

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