• How to Wear a Holster

    Proper Adjustment for AIWB Holster

    Many people, especially those of smaller build or with a large stomach, are concerned with how to wear a holster centerline or appendix carry and keep it properly concealed without a lot of bulky clothing. PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus is wearing a lightweight athletic-cut shirt and completely concealing a full-size Glock 9mm handgun. How…

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  • Crossbreed-Bellyband-Holsters-010341f_K5D39U_c

    CrossBreed Belly Band Holsters

    Rob Pincus shares the details of the second generation Crossbreed Belly Band Holster. This holster combines Kydex, leather and a comfortable elastic band to create a secure and easily concealable way to carry a defensive firearm without the need for a belt or exposing any clips or straps. This evolved Belly Band is a more…

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  • 3:51

    Weak Hand Shooting: The Roll Method Draw

    This technique for use in an emergency survival situation is demonstrated by Mike Seeklander, Lead Instructor at USSA. The Roll Method is a way of presenting the handgun from the holster with the weak hand. It is most useful if you are lying on the ground because you can use your chest area to make…

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  • Product Review: Crossbreed Concealable Speedloader Carrier

    Product Review: Crossbreed Concealable Speedloader Carrier

    Many people carry compact revolvers, like the Smith & Wesson “J” frame guns, but most don’t have an efficient way to reload that revolver because speed loaders are hard to carry. That is, until now. PDN Contributor, Grant Cunningham, is at the Crossbreed Holsters booth, looking at the new Crossbreed Speedloader Case that makes a…

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  • Reloading Ammo for Defensive Training

    Reloading Ammo for Defensive Training

    Considering ammunition prices recently, it can be challenging to afford training and the practice you need to maintain that training. PDN Contributor Grant Cunningham visits Hornady Manufacturing for a look at why reloading your own ammunition might make sense if you are a serious defensive shooter.

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  • Product Review: Blackhawk A.R.C. IWB Holster

    Product Review: Blackhawk A.R.C. IWB Holster

    Blackhawk has introduced an exciting new holster concept at the NRA Show. Called the A.R.C. (Appendix Reversible Carry) IWB Holster, it combines a new type of plastic and an innovative design that can be used for more than just appendix carry. PDN Contributor, Paul Carlson, gives us the lowdown.

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  • Concealed Carry with Pocket Holsters and Pistols

    Concealed Carry with Pocket Holsters and Pistols

    The options for carrying sub-compact defensive firearms are almost limitless. Yet, even though they are called pocket pistols, one option that’s neither safe nor appropriate is carrying the pistol unprotected in a pocket. This also often results in printing. Putting the handgun in a pocket holster is safer but may still print. To take maximum…

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  • Self Defense Handgun Holster Options and Long Term Evaluation: RAC Holsters

    Self Defense Handgun Holster Options and Long Term Evaluation: RAC Holsters

    Rob Pincus worked with Psyop Tactical to design the RAC Holster, an outside-the-waistband Kydex holster that is meant for use on the range as well as carry. It’s an excellent choice for a self defense handgun holster. Rob brought a couple of RACs on the PDN 2014 Training Tour and let many different students wear…

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  • Innovative Appendix Carry Holster

    Innovative Appendix Carry Holster

    After wearing the City Special appendix carry holster from PHLster for a few months, PDN Contributor Grant Cunningham has become very familiar with the unique features of this holster, which is made for S&W J-Frames. With the City Special, it’s possible to perform one-handed reloads. Grant demonstrates this and discusses the other special features of…

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