• Shooting from Inside a Vehicle: Cover and Concealment

    If you are inside a vehicle in a public environment during an active shooter incident, the vehicle’s interior provides both cover and concealment. What actions can you take in defense of others in this situation?

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  • Tactical Firearms Training for Helping Others during a Shooting Incident

    If you need to act in order to assist someone else in an active shooter situation, how can you do it while maintaining your own safety? Rob Pincus shows how to recreate this scenario without role players so you can add this shooting drill to your mix of tactical firearms training strategies. Rob considers what…

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  • Defending Others During an Active Shooter Incident

    During an active shooter incident, you may need to move against a fleeing crowd in order to reach a family member on the other side. After some discussion of what not to do, a drill is run that shows one way to push through a crowd. Key points are keeping your gun concealed and under…

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  • Active Shooter Response Plan: Public Space Evasion

    Evasion is the first active shooter response plan to consider when in a public space where there is an active shooter. In some cases, this will be as simple as running away or getting in the car and driving away. Other situations will require more creativity in order to evade the shooter. PDN presents some…

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  • Active Shooter is Present: Use a Vehicle as Rest

    One of the standard rules of fighting around a vehicle with an active shooter is to never go over the top of cover, because you can be struck by incoming low-impacting rounds that may ricochet off the trunk or glass. But under what circumstances is it appropriate to come out from behind that cover and…

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  • Shooting in a Crowd: Responding to an Active Shooter

    Kelly Muir and Rob Pincus examine some specific considerations for responding to an active shooter or other bad guy in a crowded environment. Hitting innocent bystander(s) in addition to — or worse, instead of — the bad guy will only compound an already tragic situation. And many variables exist in a crowd that can affect…

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  • Active Shooter Response with Family Member's Gunshot Wound: Staying Behind Cover

    On the range, two students role play being under attack in a public environment. It’s important to understand that in this situation, if one person receives a gunshot wound, the other’s priority should be getting behind cover, not rushing to aid the injured person and possibly also being shot. From behind cover, the uninjured person…

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  • Preparing for a School Shooting: Fight For Your Life

    Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and Rob Pincus discuss proactive strategies for school defense in case of a school shooting. Rob’s School Attacker Response Course is based on the fact that the “hide and hope” strategies children have been taught have failed in school shooting situations. SARC teaches kids that their first duty is to evade,…

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  • Active Shooter Response with Family Member: Addressing the Threat

    Rob Pincus explains the proper protocol for addressing the threat when a family member or friend is taken down by an active shooter. Rather than trying to be a hero and immediately running to the victim’s side, be a hero for everyone and make sure the active shooter has ceased his fire. This will assure…

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