• Blackhawk Tactical: Under the Radar Pouches and Bags

    Blackhawk Tactical: Under the Radar Pouches and Bags

    Rob Pincus talks about the new line of Blackhawk tactical and its electronic signal blocking technology. Rob demonstrates the ability of a pouch to block cell phone signals and discusses other possible uses, including the protection of data on a laptop as well as items like credit cards, passports, and even hotel room keys.

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  • concealed carry purse

    Diversion Carry Slingpack

    PDN looks at the Diversion Carry Slingpack from Blackhawk. This pack is designed for people who don’t want to – or can’t due to how they dress – carry a full-size firearm on their person. Although similar to a concealed carry purse, the Slingpack has the advantages of being able to be worn tight to…

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  • 5:21

    Shotgun Training with Recoil Reduction Stock

    A full day of shotgun training can be very fatiguing. To get the most out of your shotgun training, consider using the BlackHawk NRS2 Second Generation Recoil Reduction Tactical Stock for pump-action Winchester, Mossberg and Remington shotguns. It can reduce felt recoil up to 85%. Rob Pincus examines this stock feature by feature and assesses…

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