• Firearm Expo

    Firearm Expo

    GMA Director Chris Juelich explains the strategy behind GMA’s Firearms Expo, events that are held at the eight GMA facilities throughout the year. There is no admittance fee and no charge to rent firearms, which manufacturers bring so that shooters can try out their products. Ammunition is also donated by manufacturers. It’s a perfect opportunity…

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  • GMA’s Modern Sporting Rifle/AR-15 Course Highlights

    GMA’s Modern Sporting Rifle/AR-15 Course Highlights

    Director of Gander Mountain Academies Chris Juelich and Strategic Projects Manager and Instructor Nick Smith present the curriculum for this new GMA course. This is a practical, not tactical, class for shooters new to the AR platform. You’ll learn how the AR functions, how to take it apart, clean and maintain it, sight it in,…

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  • Training Beyond CCW

    Training Beyond CCW

    Chris Juelich, director of Gander Mountain Academies, and instructor Dave Hendrick look at why people often don’t train or practice after obtaining their CCW, why they should, plus which techniques should be practiced and scenarios prepared for in subsequent training. GMA’s unique facilities, offering a variety of realistic training scenarios, are discussed.

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