• LaserLyte LT-Pro: Laser Trainer

    LaserLyte LT-Pro: Laser Trainer

    Adjustable for calibers .380 through .45, the LaserLyte LT-Pro training laser allows you to train with either a dedicated inert training gun or your own concealed carry pistol in a safe environment with absolutely no ammunition costs. The LT-Pro activates every time you pull the trigger to place a laser dot on your target. You…

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  • LaserLyte Training Tyme Kit

    LaserLyte Training Tyme Kit

    The LaserLyte Training Tyme kit gives you everything you need to get valuable defensive shooting practice in any environment. The kit comes with a Compact Trigger Tyme training pistol, an LT-Pro laser insert and a Reaction Tyme interactive target. The kit also includes all of the necessary batteries for all accessories. With this kit, you…

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