• Storing a Tactical Vest with Your Rifle | PDN

    Storing a Tactical Vest and Gear with Your Rifle

    When you store a rifle (or any other firearm), you may or may not store your ammunition with it. One of the most convenient options for keeping ammo close to your rifle is a tactical vest.   Versatile Vests PDN Managing Editor Rob Pincus demonstrates a vest that has been pre-loaded with rifle magazines. Due…

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  • Scottevest Alpha Jacket

    Scottevest Alpha Jacket

    Rob Pincus examines the features of the Scottevest Alpha Jacket, which is specifically designed for people who are interested in personal defense and preparation but don’t want to look like they just fell out of a tactical gear catalog. The Alpha Jacket will blend in among urban, suburban and rural environments. Take an in-depth look…

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