• Over-sized Charging Handle Release

    Over-sized Charging Handle Release

    On a defensive carbine, we want a charging handle that gives us a solid grip so we can pull the bolt carrier group all the way to the rear then release it during manipulations. Because fine motor skills deteriorate under stress, it can be difficult to get that grip. Rob’s simple solution is to add…

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  • Ballista Tactical Rotating Rail

    Ballista Tactical Rotating Rail

    Rob Pincus discusses some potential uses for this new product from Ballista Tactical. This innovative rail, which allows accessories to be rotated around the barrel, offers flexibility in a variety of situations.

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  • Active Shooter Response Rifle

    Active Shooter Response Rifle

    Rob Pincus discussed the optimum set-up for an Active Shooter Response Rifle for corporate or school security, college campus police or others interested in building a dedicated rifle for dealing with an armed attacker in a crowded public environment.

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  • Safety with Weapon Mounted Lights

    Safety with Weapon Mounted Lights

    For light use inside the home, Rob Pincus advocates using a light that is separate from your gun. If you’re using a handgun, it’s relatively simple. But when employing a long gun, things become more complicated as, for example, both your hands will be on the gun.

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  • Dedicated .22 LR Training Rifle

    Dedicated .22 LR Training Rifle

    Professionals aren’t the only ones using ARs today. Many homeowners use an AR-15-type rifle as their primary home defense gun. Training can be a challenge because of the cost and/or scarcity of full-power .223/5.56mm ammunition.

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  • Using Red Dot Optic as Rear Sight

    Using Red Dot Optic as Rear Sight

    Rob Pincus talks about the possibility of using a small red dot optic as an improvised ghost ring rear sight.

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  • Active Shooter Response: Parking Lot

    Active Shooter Response: Parking Lot

    Imagine the following: you’re coming out of a grocery store pushing your cart into the parking lot when, two rows down from you, an active shooter suddenly draws a gun. You hear screams of shock, and the deep boom of his shotgun rings out.

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  • Shooting AR15s

    Shooting AR15s

    Before looking at the firing and manipulations of long guns on the shooting range, Rob Pincus expresses the importance of pairing a long gun with a hand gun in serious situations. Rob provides several scenarios in which this pairing technique is crucial. Watch this personal defense video today to learn more about shooting AR15’s and…

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