• Oversized Magazine Release

    Oversized Magazine Release

    PDN is at the workbench with three different models of handguns to examine their magazine releases. Of all the modifications you can make to your defensive firearm, an oversized magazine release is one of the most useful. Making the release larger will almost always make it easier for you to hit it, especially under stress.

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  • Crimson Trace Railmaster Pro Overview

    Crimson Trace Railmaster Pro Overview

    The Railmaster Pro from Crimson Trace combines a laser and a white light in a rugged and easy-to-use package. This laser and light combo is housed in CNC’d Aluminum, features ambidextrous switching, and can be used in four different modes: laser only, light only, laser and light combination, and laser with strobing light. This video…

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  • Understanding Double/Single Action Hand Guns-Best Defense Handgun

    Understanding Double/Single Action Handguns

    Rob Pincus is on the range with a double-action/single-action semiautomatic defensive handgun to explain exactly how it works and review its characteristics. Is this type of handgun right for you?

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  • Reliable Firearms

    Reliable Firearms

    When looking for a personal-defense firearm, the #1 most important attribute is reliability. You need reliable firearms. The gun must function when you need it to, under any conditions. Reliability factors include that the firearm comes out of the holster, gets into action and fires the first shot, and continues firing until the threat has…

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  • Empty Chamber Carry

    Empty Chamber Carry

    Rob Pincus discusses the concept of empty chamber carry and why it is important to carry your firearm responsibly when choosing to keep a round in the chamber. The trigger area should always be covered by a quality holster when a weapon is loaded for defensive use.

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  • Springfield XD-S 9mm Firearm

    Springfield XD-S 9mm Firearm

    Rob Pincus speaks with Dawn Wehunt from Springfield Armory about the XD-S 9mm firearm at the NRA's 2013 Annual Meetings and Exhibits.

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