• Live Fire Training: Potential Danger of Dry Reps

    Live Fire Training: Potential Danger of Dry Reps

    Rob Pincus discusses how “dry repetitions” can create over-confidence or even complacency in regard to safety when performing new skills with live fire training. There is a healthy amount of anxiety and respect for difficulty that enhances a student’s ability to perform a skill safely and encourages them to pay very close attention to what…

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  • Placing a Value on Non - Live Fire Training

    Placing a Value on Non-Live Fire Training

    In preparing for defensive encounters, live fire is obviously the best and most realistic training we can do. But live fire training is not always possible. What are the alternatives and their value? Rob Pincus examines the options — .22-caliber conversion kit, .22-caliber pistol (not a conversion kit), Airsoft gun, laser gun, non-firing plastic replica…

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  • firearm safety

    Firearm Safety: Pointing Guns in a Safe Direction Reminder

    Rob Pincus is on site at the Ben Avery Shooting Range near Phoenix, Arizona, to discuss firearm safety on the range in regards to pointing a gun. People usually come to the range with their carry gun in the holster and pointed straight down for fast presentation.

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  • Importance of Dry Fire Practice Training

    Importance of Dry Fire Practice Training

    Jon Antrim explains why he believes dry fire training is important and the best way you can practice when you don't have ammunition or range access. Intuitive shooting abilities are developed through repetition and establishing habits.

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