• When Is Deadly Force Justified in Home Defense?

    When Is Deadly Force Justified in Home Defense?

    “Can I use lethal force to defend myself?” or “When is deadly force justified?” are questions Rob Pincus is often asked. Rob encourages everyone to know the laws in their jurisdiction regarding owning firearms, having them in the home and carrying them in public. But at the moment when faced with a lethal threat, the…

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  • Carrying Defensive Firearms while Drinking?

    Carrying Defensive Firearms while Drinking?

    Should carrying a firearm and drinking alcohol be 100% mutually exclusive? Rob Pincus and PDN Contributor Grant Cunningham approach this topic from a few different perspectives, including what common sense tells us to do and what state and local laws permit or forbid. An analogy is made between drinking while driving and drinking while carrying…

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  • Brandishing a Firearm

    Brandishing a Firearm

    Marty Hayes, founder of the Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network, clarifies the complicated legal issue of when brandishing a firearm (known in some jurisdictions as unlawful display of a firearm) may be considered a crime. Check your local statutes to know when making, or just implying, the threat of lethal force in self-defense can get…

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