• The Flow Drill Firearm Assessment

    Part 2 | The Flow Drill Firearm Assessment

    In the Combat Focus Shooting Advanced Pistol Handling Course, the Flow Drill is used as a firearm assessment tool to see how students put together the skills they have learned in isolation. Paul Carlson of Safety Solutions Academy presents this drill, which requires students to move back and forth among unorthodox shooting positions while still…

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  • Live Fire Training: Potential Danger of Dry Reps

    Live Fire Training: Potential Danger of Dry Reps

    Rob Pincus discusses how “dry repetitions” can create over-confidence or even complacency in regard to safety when performing new skills with live fire training. There is a healthy amount of anxiety and respect for difficulty that enhances a student’s ability to perform a skill safely and encourages them to pay very close attention to what…

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  • Self Defense Classes: Training for Skill Application

    Self Defense Classes: Training for Skill Application

    Rob Pincus addresses a question he is often asked: Why don’t self defense classes have a test at the end? The primary answer is because students come to these courses for life-and-death defensive skills, not to meet an objective standard. They are trained to survive an event that will be unknown, unpredictable, and unchoreographed. If…

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  • Part 5. Balance of Speed & Precision Drill on a Traditional Indoor Range

    Part 5. Balance of Speed & Precision Drill on a Traditional Indoor Range

    Rob Pincus discusses important considerations for running the Balance of Speed & Precision drill on an appropriate target in the stall of a traditional indoor range. Training in a narrow space, with a limited bullet trap area, brings important safety issues to your practice that need to be addressed in how you both set-up and…

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  • The American Martial Art of War

    The American Martial Art of War

    Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, one of the world’s foremost experts in the field of human aggression and the roots of violence and violent crime, discusses the American contribution to the art of war: gunfighting. This is what Americans do better than anyone else in the world, and we’ve got a long list of renowned gunfighters…

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  • Allstar Tactical: Weak Side Transitions

    Allstar Tactical: Weak Side Transitions

    Rob Pincus is with Mike Centola of Allstar Tactical, and the topic is how to do transitions with a long gun when going around weak-side cover. Mike demonstrates the simple five-step process he teaches for transitioning from strong side to weak side, and talks about why he advocates keeping the thumb on the safety instead…

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  • Placing a Value on Non - Live Fire Training

    Placing a Value on Non-Live Fire Training

    In preparing for defensive encounters, live fire is obviously the best and most realistic training we can do. But live fire training is not always possible. What are the alternatives and their value? Rob Pincus examines the options — .22-caliber conversion kit, .22-caliber pistol (not a conversion kit), Airsoft gun, laser gun, non-firing plastic replica…

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  • firearm safety

    Firearm Safety: Pointing Guns in a Safe Direction Reminder

    Rob Pincus is on site at the Ben Avery Shooting Range near Phoenix, Arizona, to discuss firearm safety on the range in regards to pointing a gun. People usually come to the range with their carry gun in the holster and pointed straight down for fast presentation.

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  • Training in Slow Motion

    Training in Slow Motion

    When developing skills and forming patterns of movement, the speed at which actions are performed and practiced does not have to match the speed we’ll use when in an actual defensive encounter. Things that we must understand the correct pacing of include recoil management. But for presentation from the holster, we can move more slowly.…

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