• Innovation in Defensive Firearms Training

    Innovation in Defensive Firearms Training

    Rob Pincus and PDN Contributor Grant Cunningham discuss the criticism they’ve encountered when pushing the boundaries of defensive firearms education. The accusation of doing something different just for the sake of it is weighed against the fact that some people are doing exactly that. Who should drive innovation in the defensive firearms training industry?

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  • String of Fire and Engaging Multiple Targets

    String of Fire and Engaging Multiple Targets

    With multiple targets set up downrange at different distances and a setup for receiving commands (whether from a training partner, MP3 player, or phone app), Rob Pincus is ready to shoot some strings of fire. He concentrates on visualizing the threat(s) and firing a different number of rounds each time at the multiple targets to…

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  • Gander Mountain Academy Overview

    Gander Mountain Academy Overview

    Gander Mountain Academy provides advanced, professional firearms training with a unique combination of highly trained instructors, live range and exclusive, state-of-the-art simulation technology.

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  • Lasers as Shooting Aids

    Lasers as Shooting Aids

    Laser aiming devices on defensive pistols can be a great asset in specific circumstances, but they shouldn’t be relied upon as the primary aiming device.

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  • 2:52

    Learning Defensive Shooting in 15 Minutes or Less

    Many people confuse general “shooting skill” or “marksmanship” with the skills involved in using a firearm to defend one’s self or others. In general shooting, one is most often trying to maximize their control over the gun, so that they can shoot the most precise group of rounds possible, or constantly challenge themselves to hit…

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  • Dynamic Focus Shooting Courses

    Dynamic Focus Shooting Courses

    Dynamic Focus Shooting is a new program designed specifically by Gander Mountain Academy to help people learn intuitive defensive shooting skills as efficiently as possible.

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  • The Benefits of Failure in Training

    The Benefits of Failure in Training

    Without failure in training, you never know what your limits are and you may miss subtle deficiencies in your skill performance. “Failure” isn’t always a bad thing; when you are pushing yourself to the edge of your skill level, you often find motivation to perform at a higher level. If nothing else, reaching failure in…

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  • Safety Pat Down

    Safety Pat Down

    From Gander Mountain Academy, Rob Pincus talks about the safety pat down, one of the most important aspects of any scenario training, including training with video and laser tools, Simunitions, Airsoft, and marking cartridges.

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  • Part 4: Shooting a Defensive Shotgun

    Part 4: Shooting a Defensive Shotgun

    Shooting a home-defense shotgun may be a relatively simple process to learn, but it is a difficult one to master. Before you add a shotgun to your personal defense arsenal, you should know how to load, aim, fire and reset the weapon properly. Rob Pincus explains why you should train with a shotgun for closer,…

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