• 2014 PDN Training Tour Overview

    2014 PDN Training Tour Overview

    Rob Pincus gives you an overview of the 2014 Personal Defense Network Training Tour, including some insider information on this year’s sponsors: Crossbreed Holsters, USCCA, GunVault, Gander Mountain Academy, CMMG, Extreme Beam and Springfield Armory. This year’s tour started in late March and will go through mid-August with over 60 courses in defensive pistol, rifle,…

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  • 2014 PDN Training Tour Update - 4/7

    2014 PDN Training Tour Update 4/7

    Rob Pincus checks in at the end of the second week of the 2014 PDN Training Tour after another busy weekend of training courses all across the United States. Rob talks about the unique training opportunities presented by the 180-degree simulated ranges at all Gander Mountain Academy locations.

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  • Gun Knowledge and Demystifying the Gun

    Gun Knowledge and Demystifying the Gun

    In this extended clip from the Spree Attacker Response DVD, Rob Pincus goes in depth discussing the reality of firearms and how they can be used to hurt people, with the aim of demystifying them. PDN members and regular viewers may understand this already, but you probably know someone, or several people, who are unfamiliar…

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  • 2014 PDN Training Tour Update 3/31

    2014 PDN Training Tour Update 3/31

    This week’s update comes from the traditional PDN Training Tour launch location: The Ancient City Shooting Range in St. Augustine, Florida. Rob Pincus discusses the evolution of a new training program and how a loaner Springfield Armory XDS worked out for one of the students in the first live fire course of the 2014 Training…

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  • Holster Carry Positions: Angle & Placement

    Holster Carry Positions: Angle & Placement

    Travis Haley of Haley Strategic Partners analyzes the biomechanics of holster carry positions. How are your hands, arms and the rest of your body affected by placing the holster in the right or wrong place? When drawing a handgun, straight lines are strong and angles are weak. See how small adjustments to your holster carry…

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  • AR Magazine: Foxbeard Mag Baseplate

    AR Magazine: Foxbeard Mag Baseplate

    Many different accessories for the AR are on the market today. Rob Pincus has been testing a prototype of one he finds useful: the Foxbeard Aluminum Magazine Baseplate designed to fit on PMAGs. Why put an oversized baseplate on an AR magazine? If you have a malfunction and need to quickly remove the mag, the…

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  • 3:28

    LaserLyte Laser Training Rifle Cartridge & Sleeves

    LaserLyte has a complete line of rifle cartridge sleeves that utilize their .223 sized Laser Training Cartridge to allow you to train with your defensive or hunting rifle in any environment without any ammunition cost. The sleeves are available in a variety of common calibers, including 7mm, .300, .30-06 & .308 and can be used…

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  • Fitting a Pelican Gun Case

    Fitting a Pelican Gun Case

    A good sturdy travel case for your firearms is an often overlooked but extremely valuable accessory, whether you travel to and from training, the range, or hunting, or take your firearms when traveling by air. Rob Pincus takes an in-depth look at a Pelican gun case, which is sturdy, rugged and seals up tightly. The…

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  • LaserLyte Laser Trainer Target

    LaserLyte Laser Trainer Target

    The LaserLyte Laser Trainer Target presents a convenient way for your to train your defensive shooting skills in your own home with no ammunition costs. The target records your shots from any LaserLyte laser training product and then displays them when you are ready to see how you’ve been shooting. Because the target is designed…

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