• Pistol Malfunctions: Tap and Rack

    Pistol Malfunctions: Tap and Rack

    What do you do if your pistol doesn’t go “Bang!” when you need it to in the middle of a string of fire? If you hear a “click” when you expect a “bang,” pull the gun in, tap the magazine to make sure it’s properly seated, rotate your hand up and over the top of…

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  • LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Compact Training Pistol

    LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Compact Training Pistol

    The LaserLyte Trigger Tyme compact Training Pistol allows you to train in virtually any environment with a variety of target systems and the use of a LaserLyte LT Pro Training Laser. The compact Trigger Tyme training pistol has a resetting trigger, allowing you to take multiple shots during your training drills without working the action…

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  • LaserLyte Center Mass Universal Shotgun Trainer

    LaserLyte Center Mass Universal Shotgun Trainer

    The LaserLyte Universal Shotgun Trainer is an economical and convenient training tool that you can use in any environment to practice with your 20 or 12 gauge defensive shotgun. The unique “center mass” pattern represents the spread of a typical shotgun pellet round on your target and the UST can be used with any paper…

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  • CrossBreed's RAM Mount In-Car Holster

    CrossBreed’s RAM Mount In-Car Holster

    CrossBreed Holsters has teamed up with RAM Mounts to create an outstanding option for those looking for a sturdy and versatile in-car holster solution. This hard mount in-car holster solution will make your defensive pistol easy to access whether you choose to place it under the dash, near your seat, or attached to the center…

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  • Stroops for Defensive Fitness

    Stroops for Defensive Fitness

    Stroops offer a way to combine fitness training with defensive training, whether armed or unarmed. Stroops are elastic bands that, when worn, create extra resistance and cause you to work harder and be more precise about the techniques you are performing when doing any exercise. Rob Pincus demonstrates how the Stroops system works and shows…

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  • Viridian Instant On Laser Technology

    Viridian Instant On Laser Technology

    Having an Instant On laser on a defensive handgun makes using a laser as an aiming device significantly more efficient. Traditionally, you need to perform an extra step to activate any laser technology, or ensure that your grip engages a switch. While it has always been an option to simply leave your laser on while…

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