• CMMG MK4 rifle

    CMMG Mk4 Rifle

    If you’re looking for reliability and durability at a fair price in an AR-15-type rifle, check out the CMMG Mk4 in 5.56mm. Why? Rob Pincus and scores of students have subjected this rifle to harsh firing schedules and minimal maintenance over the past two years, and it’s still running like a champ. CMMG Mk4 Review…

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  • CMMG Mk3 Rifle in .308

    CMMG Mk3 Rifle in .308

    In his CMMG Mk3 review, Rob Pincus examines this AR-type rifle that is set up in .308, a caliber we don’t usually think of for a personal-defense rifle. But it does have some specific defensive and professional applications. Who Is It For? From the personal-defense point of view, the CMMG Mk3 .308 rifle would be…

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  • Tactical Walls

    Tactical Walls Picture

    Tactical Walls clandestine storage units are actually staging units for defensive guns: they’re not intended just for firearm storage but are designed to offer quick access to a defensive firearm when you need it most. Tactical Walls Picture To any observer, the Tactical Walls Picture is just a large framed painting. It doesn’t scream “gun…

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  • Tactical Walls Shelf

    Tactical Walls Shelf

    When it comes to protecting what you love, parents will say their children are priority number one. That’s why Rob Pincus has talked about staging a defensive firearm in your child’s room. How exactly does he propose to do this? Tactical Walls Shelf He is not talking about sticking a loaded gun in a corner…

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  • 3:23

    Cease Fire!

    Everyone on a live-fire range knows what “cease fire!” means. You may have other code words or special safety words to stop drills. Rob Pincus uses “stop!” when he wants everyone to freeze in the middle of whatever drill they are doing. But “cease fire!” specifically means “stop shooting.” When you have multiple people on…

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  • 4:32

    Repealing the NFA

    If you’re interested in firearms mainly for personal defense, why should you care if the National Firearms Act (NFA) is repealed or not? Rob Pincus offers some compelling reasons. What Is the NFA? The National Firearms Act was enacted in 1934 and was the first federal attempt at gun-control legislation. It regulates ownership and use…

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  • 3:57

    Three C’s of Coordinated Defense

    The Three C’s of Coordinated Defense were in the past called the Three C’s of Tactical Operations with a Team because they come from the world of close-quarters battle and executive protection teams. Modern Definition of the Three C’s Now the Three C’s of Coordinated Defense can be applied to refer to family defense, active…

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  • 4:31


    Increase your speed, accuracy and efficiency with the iDryfire laser target system. It’s a great way to set up a versatile scenario training environment quickly and easily inside an area that is not available for live fire. iDryfire is a big leap forward for dry fire training. The iDryfire system consists of a sensor camera…

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  • iMarksman

    iMarksman Review

    The iMarksman laser training system projects different scenarios on a screen so shooters can improve their marksmanship and decision-making abilities. How does it work? Branching Video This type of video is one of the ways in which scenario training, with projector systems and laser trainers, has evolved over the past decade. The iMarksman laser training…

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