• Oversized Magazine Release

    Oversized Magazine Release

    PDN is at the workbench with three different models of handguns to examine their magazine releases. Of all the modifications you can make to your defensive firearm, an oversized magazine release is one of the most useful. Making the release larger will almost always make it easier for you to hit it, especially under stress.

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  • Installing Defensive AmeriGlo Sights on a Handgun

    Installing AmeriGlo Sights on a Defensive Handgun

    A sensible modification for a defensive handgun is installing aftermarket sights, especially ones that are for defensive use. In this tutorial video, Rob Pincus is at the workbench and installs a set of AmeriGlo sights on a Glock. What tools do you need to complete this? What checks should you perform when you get to…

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  • Glock 19 Gen4

    Glock 19 Gen4

    Kyle Hopp from Glock shows Rob Pincus the differences between the Gen3 and Gen4 pistols.

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  • Efficiently Integrating with a Firearm

    Efficiently Integrating with a Firearm

    Using a firearm efficiently in home defense situations requires an understanding of how your hands work and the best technique for integrating your hands with a firearm.

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  • Dryfire Training Drill Practice

    Dryfire Training Drill Practice

    In this demonstration, Claude Werner shows you a few dryfire drills that you can use to practice drawing your pistol from its holster and getting off quick, accurate shots.

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