• Part 7: Presentation from Appendix Carry While Seated

    In a seated position, appendix carry starts to lose some of its advantages. It’s not as comfortable as when standing and in fact may be uncomfortable for some. On the plus side, there are several safe ways to get the firearm out of the holster and oriented toward the threat when using appendix carry. Rob…

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  • Part 2. Choose a Good Concealed Carry Belt

    We may need different types of belts when wearing different types of holsters, but there are some universal things to look for in a belt. Rob Pincus is on the range with a variety of belts and holsters.

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  • Buying New Tactical Holsters

    Rob Pincus presents a comprehensive testing procedure for taking your new tactical holsters to any shooting range. Before putting the holster on, make sure the firearm fits in the holster and the trigger is completely covered. Check that you can get a complete grip on the gun with no interference from the holster. Confirm that…

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  • Appendix Carry Holster for Women

    Belly Band Holsters can be perfect for women who prefer not to wear belts or who spend a lot of time wearing clothing that does not include a belt. Similarly, carrying in the appendix position is a great way to conceal a defensive firearm without having to accommodate the shape of a woman’s hips or…

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  • Evolved Trigger Guard Devices as Holsters : Vanguard II

    Trigger Guard Devices are seen by some who carry in the appendix position as a minimalist great carry option. The Vanguard II is the most evolved design of this type and offers some very specific features including: a belt loop that holds the gun in a constant position and a fin which protrudes from the…

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  • Advantages of Kydex and Leather Combination Holsters

    Holsters made of a combination of kydex and leather are large and may appear uncomfortable and difficult to conceal. Rob Pincus explains the advantages of these holsters. They combine the comfort of wearing leather against the skin all day with the reliability and security of the plastic that Kydex provides, especially with respect to being…

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  • Empty Chamber Carry

    Rob Pincus discusses why it is important to carry your firearm responsibly, with the trigger area covered by a quality holster and a round chambered, prepared for defensive use.

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  • Kydex Outside the Waistband Holster

    Factors that influence which Kydex outside the waistband holster you prefer include Kydex quality, ride height and cant. Rob Pincus presents another issue that isn’t talked about as much: the percentage of the gun’s profile that is off centerline and being pressed up against the body. When a greater percentage of the gun presses on…

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