• Handguns: The Questions to Ask

    When you approach the handgun counter at a Gander Mountain store, you’ll find scores of options from dozens of manufacturers. It is important that you ask the right questions of yourself and of the person helping you make your selection.

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  • Night Sights, Lasers and Firearm-Mounted Lights as Shooting Aids

    GMA Instructors Robin Godolphin and Jeff Kersten review various types of laser sights and how they can be used on handguns. Products from Laserlyte and Crimson Trace are featured. In addition to lasers, night sights and rail mounted lights can aid your alignment of the firearm under specific conditions. All Gander Mountain store locations feature…

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  • Shooting Target Types & Style Options

    Jeff Kersten and Robin Godolphin of Gander Mountain Academy discuss a number of different types of targets and how they can be used with your firearms. Paper, metal and even exploding targets are reviewed.

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  • Revolvers vs. Semi-Automatic Handguns

    Rob Pincus and Jeff Kersten discuss the fundamental differences between revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. The fundamental operations and overall capabilities of the designs vary greatly and each excel at certain handguns endeavors.

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  • Presentation from the Holster

    Gander Mountain Academy Instructor Jeff Kersten goes over the steps involved in presenting a firearm from the holster. Shooters are generally most interested in learning smooth & fast presentation skills for either competition or personal defense purposes.

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