• LaserLyte Training Tyme Kit

    LaserLyte Training Tyme Kit

    The LaserLyte Training Tyme kit gives you everything you need to get valuable defensive shooting practice in any environment. The kit comes with a Compact Trigger Tyme training pistol, an LT-Pro laser insert and a Reaction Tyme interactive target. The kit also includes all of the necessary batteries for all accessories. With this kit, you…

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  • Gander Mountain Academy: Strategic Course Progression

    Gander Mountain Academy: Strategic Course Progression

    Gander Mountain Academy offers a plethora of courses and several different types of training ranges that you can take advantage of. Understanding the options is the first step to making the best choice for your needs and planning a route through the offerings. Each of the Gander Mountain Academy locations offers a live fire range,…

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  • SIRT Pistol

    SIRT Pistol

    In this excerpt from PDN’s Laser Training Methodologies DVD, Mike Hughes of Next Level Training presents the Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger Pistol, or SIRT Pistol. The shot indicating laser shows a green laser every time the shooter breaks a shot. This powerful laser is visible even outdoors. The SIRT Pistol also includes a take-up indicator…

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  • Placing a Value on Non - Live Fire Training

    Placing a Value on Non-Live Fire Training

    In preparing for defensive encounters, live fire is obviously the best and most realistic training we can do. But live fire training is not always possible. What are the alternatives and their value? Rob Pincus examines the options — .22-caliber conversion kit, .22-caliber pistol (not a conversion kit), Airsoft gun, laser gun, non-firing plastic replica…

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  • Targets for Firearms Training

    Targets for Firearms Training

    Rob Pincus shows the variety of targets available for firearms training and shooting drills. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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