• Utilizing A Stick In Your Defense

    Utilizing A Stick In Your Defense

    Michael Janich and Craig Foushee teach the proper technique for utilizing a medium-length stick to defend against, control and strike an attacker so that you can escape unharmed. Michael demonstrates a few of the situations you might find yourself, like when an attacker attempts to strike you either forehand or backhand, and what you would…

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  • Medium Range Stick Defense

    Medium Range Stick Defense

    Now that you're fully aware of the zones and angles of your body for personal defense, you're going to apply these to medium range stick defense.

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  • Four Zones of Defense

    Four Zones of Defense

    It is helpful to keep in mind during a fight that your body has four zones or quadrants of defense. You have forehand and backhand strikes that are separated by your body's natural center-line, and a high line and low line located above and below the level of our elbows, respectively.

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  • Fist Loads

    Fist Loads

    Michael Janich and Craig Foushee demonstrate some of the applications of fist loads. A fist load is any tool that you can grip to use as a weapon.

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  • Target Areas

    Target Areas

    During a close-quarters fight, target areas on an attacker are the parts of his body that make him dangerous to you.

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  • Target Areas for Defense with A Stick

    Target Areas for Defense with a Stick

    Michael Janich shows you the quickest and most efficent way to shut down an attacker by targeting the parts of the body that allow the attacker to be dangerous to you. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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