• The Flow Drill Firearm Assessment

    In the Combat Focus Shooting Advanced Pistol Handling Course, the Flow Drill is used as a firearm assessment tool to see how students put together the skills they have learned in isolation. Paul Carlson of Safety Solutions Academy presents this drill, which requires students to move back and forth among unorthodox shooting positions while still…

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  • Product Review: My Case Builder Custom Gun Cases

    Shooters very often need cases in which to carry handguns, rifles or shotguns. Most of the time we use makeshift inserts or the “pick apart” foam that comes in a lot of cases, but that’s not always ideal – it doesn’t precisely fit the gear and often doesn’t last long. PDN Contributor, Paul Carlson, visits…

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  • Product Review: Secret Compartment Furniture

    A quick access safe is a great way to keep a defensive firearm in the home but ready for action. They aren’t always easy to hide in areas where you might need a gun, however, and that’s where concealable furniture comes in. PDN Contributor, Paul Carlson, looks at an innovative and extremely high quality line…

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  • Product Review: Apex Tactical Forward Set Drop-In Trigger System

    How can a replacement trigger help your gun fit your hand? PDN Contributor, Paul Carlson, visits the folks at Apex Tactical and learns about their Forward Set Trigger for the Smith & Wesson M&P pistol. This drop-in trigger system reduces the trigger reach on these popular pistols and enables even a small-handed shooter to achieve…

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  • Product Review: Breakthrough Clean Lube and Gun Solvents

    Keeping your defensive firearm clean is essential to reliable operation, and Breakthrough Clean products are a great choice to help you do so. PDN Contributor, Paul Carlson, visits the Breakthrough Clean booth at the 2015 NRA Show and shares the benefits of their non-toxic, non-staining, and odorless cleaning and lubrication products.

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  • Product Review: Knoxx SpecOps Stock Gen 3

    The shotgun is still a popular home defense arm, but its recoil can intimidate even the seasoned shooter. PDN Contributor, Paul Carlson, looks at the Knoxx SpecOps Stock Gen III, which uses a unique combination of features to tame the harsh recoil of even heavy 12 gauge loads.

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  • Product Review: Glock Model 43 9mm Pistol

    PDN Contributor, Paul Carlson, got a chance to shoot the new Glock 43, and came away impressed with the thought Glock has put into this concealed carry 9mm pistol. In this video Paul shares some of what he believes is going to make this striker fired handgun a favorite of defensive shooters of all abilities.

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  • Product Review: Blackhawk Wax Canvas Rucksack

    Shooters often need to carry a lot of gear, particularly when going to and from the range. There are lots of packs that will do that, but PDN Contributor, Paul Carlson, takes a look at a non-tactical option from Blackhawk for those who prefer to maintain a low profile. Their Wax Canvas Rucksack combines classic…

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  • Product Review: Blackhawk A.R.C. IWB Holster

    Blackhawk has introduced an exciting new holster concept at the NRA Show. Called the A.R.C. (Appendix Reversible Carry) IWB Holster, it combines a new type of plastic and an innovative design that can be used for more than just appendix carry. PDN Contributor, Paul Carlson, gives us the lowdown.

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