• Defensive Blades

    Defensive Blades

    There are many options available to you if you are interested in owning and wielding a knife for personal defense, so Rob Pincus and Michael Janich discuss the unique specifications of some of the various defensive blades you’ll find.

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  • Case #4:  Kendrick

    Case #4: Kendrick

    Whether you choose to believe it or not, dangerous things could happen to you. Rather than spending the time thinking that nothing should happen to you or deciding why it could happen to you, determine what you would do if it does.

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  • Alternative Target Shooting Area

    Alternative Target Shooting Area

    There are several reasons why you may need to aim at an alternative target area other than the high-center chest area in a defensive shooting scenario.

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  • Shooting From The Ground

    Part 3. Shooting From The Ground

    Because dynamic critical incidents are spontaneous and unpredictable, you could find yourself

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  • Part 1: Shotgun Myths

    Part 1: Shotgun Myths

    Pump-action shotguns are incredibly powerful tools for personal defense, but Rob Pincus discusses a few of the myths about these weapons that you shouldn’t believe.

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  • Part 2: Shotgun Setup

    Part 2: Shotgun Setup

    When you consider how you set up your home defense shotgun, you should be aware of the specs that make it optimal for close-quarters defensive situations.

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  • Part 4: 360-Degree Presentation From A Holster

    Part 4: 360-Degree Presentation From A Holster

    An active shooter is not always going to be directly in front of you, which means you’ll need to be able to present your weapon from the holster at any angle. To learn this technique, Rob Pincus demonstrates drawing his weapon from the holster and aiming without rotating his hips to fully face the target.…

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  • Dryfire Shotgun Practice

    Dryfire Shotgun Practice

    Claude Werner works with training partner Dariel Mosely, on dryfire practice with a shotgun. A Personal Defense Network original video.

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  • Self Defense Flashlights

    Self Defense Flashlights

    Rob Pincus shows the fundamental differences in flashlights designed for use in personal defense. A Personal Defense Network original video.

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