• basic firearms training

    Firearms Training 101: One of Rob Pincus’ missions is to show how easily and quickly people with no experience can get started with the fundamental skills of defensive shooting. In under ten minutes, Rob teaches a new shooter basic firearms training using some simple commands: “Extend the gun – touch the trigger – slowly and

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  • Carrying Spare Magazines in Pocket

    Most of us fit our gun and carry method to the way we dress, not the other way around. We may not have a lot of room to carry a full-size magazine, so we put it in a pocket. Rob Pincus discusses and demonstrates the issues with carrying a magazine in a pants cargo pocket or a jacket pocket.

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  • High Compressed Ready Position for Handgun Retention

    The High Compressed Ready Position is when we bring the gun back from extension into the high center chest. Elbows are tight to the sides and the gun is above the holster and below the line of sight. Alessandro Padovani discusses the advantages of this position.

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