• Concealed Carry for Cold Weather

    Dressing for cold weather brings its own specific challenges for concealed carry. When wearing gloves, a heavy coat and two or three layers under it, our usual method of IWB or OWB carry may not be the best choice. Rob Pincus advocates carrying a pistol in a concealed carry pocket holster and placing it in…

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  • Carrying and Shooting the DoubleTap Pistol

    The DoubleTap Pistol is designed to be carried in a pocket for maximum concealment. Its slim design allows the gun to be easily carried in a variety of places using the many holsters that are designed specifically for it or other small semi-automatics. Given its highly concealable nature, deployment of the DoubleTap from a pocket…

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  • DoubleTap Close Quarters Defense Pistol

    The DoubleTap pistol is a purpose-built close quarters defense pistol that has two barrels which are actuated by a single trigger. The defense pistol is available in either 9mm or .45ACP and will fire the barrels sequentially with separate trigger pulls. Barrels are available ported or standard and they are interchangeable on a single frame,…

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  • Pocket Holsters

    Rob Pincus discusses why you might want to use a pocket holster, what to look for when you are choosing one and how to use one with a compact defensive firearm.

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