• Scottevest Alpha Jacket

    Scottevest Alpha Jacket

    Rob Pincus examines the features of the Scottevest Alpha Jacket, which is specifically designed for people who are interested in personal defense and preparation but don’t want to look like they just fell out of a tactical gear catalog. The Alpha Jacket will blend in among urban, suburban and rural environments. Take an in-depth look…

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  • Active Shooter is Present: Use a Vehicle as Rest

    Part 1. Active Shooter is Present: Use a Vehicle as Rest

    One of the standard rules of fighting around a vehicle with an active shooter is to never go over the top of cover, because you can be struck by incoming low-impacting rounds that may ricochet off the trunk or glass. But under what circumstances is it appropriate to come out from behind that cover and…

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  • Book: Defensive Revolver Fundamentals

    Book: Defensive Revolver Fundamentals

    Defensive Revolver Fundamentals was written with a specific purpose in mind: to help readers understand the revolver as a close-quarters defensive tool. Author Grant Cunningham is a PDN contributor, defensive shooting instructor, and an expert in the field of defensive revolvers. Defensive Revolver Fundamentals contains topics on how to choose a defensive revolver, how to…

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  • concealed carry purse

    Diversion Carry Slingpack

    PDN looks at the Diversion Carry Slingpack from Blackhawk. This pack is designed for people who don’t want to – or can’t due to how they dress – carry a full-size firearm on their person. Although similar to a concealed carry purse, the Slingpack has the advantages of being able to be worn tight to…

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  • Lessons from Unarmed America: Real-life Stories

    Lessons from Unarmed America: Real-Life Stories

    Mark Walters and Rob Pincus have co-written this book, which aims to help people understand why they need to be armed. “Armed” not necessarily with a firearm, but with a plan, the knowledge of how to survive a situation or deal with a threat, and the will to take action. Mark presents the real-life stories…

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  • Shooting in a Crowd: Responding to an Active Shooter

    Part 2. Shooting in a Crowd: Responding to an Active Shooter

    Kelly Muir and Rob Pincus examine some specific considerations for responding to an active shooter or other bad guy in a crowded environment. Hitting innocent bystander(s) in addition to — or worse, instead of — the bad guy will only compound an already tragic situation. And many variables exist in a crowd that can affect…

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  • Misconceptions About Absorbing Firearm Recoil

    Misconceptions About Absorbing Firearm Recoil

    Some shooters, especially those new to defensive shooting, mistakenly think that they should try to absorb firearm recoil because it will make them faster or better shooters. The truth is that absorbing firearm recoil is reckless and dangerous when shooting a semiautomatic defensive firearm. In this live-fire demonstration on the range, Rob Pincus shows the…

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  • Concealed Carry for Cold Weather

    Concealed Carry for Cold Weather

    Dressing for cold weather brings its own specific challenges for concealed carry. When wearing gloves, a heavy coat and two or three layers under it, our usual method of IWB or OWB carry may not be the best choice. Rob Pincus advocates carrying a pistol in a concealed carry pocket holster and placing it in…

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  • The Myth of 'Racking' the Tactical Shotgun

    The Myth of ‘Racking’ the Tactical Shotgun

    One of the biggest myths about home defense is that the sound of a homeowner racking a round into the chamber of a tactical shotgun will magically scare away any bad guys. Rob Pincus is on the range not just to debunk this myth, but also to explain what your home-defense and tactical shotgun plans…

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