• active-shooter-scenarios-in-the-workplace

    Active Shooter Scenario Training in the Workplace

    Active shooters are a growing threat, and training to respond to them in the workplace involves having a plan, practicing drills and, if your company has the resources, implementing scenario training. If you work in a large-scale facility with a lot of people, such as a school, shopping mall, hospital, or corporate complex, you may…

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  • Starting and Stopping Your Movement

    Starting and Stopping Your Movement

    At PDN, we’re always interested in what we can take from the world of competitive shooting and apply to improving our defensive shooting skills. In this video, world-class competitive shooter and Team Glock member Tori Nonaka demonstrates some techniques for starting and stopping movement, which she is one of the best at. Shooting From a…

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  • 6:02

    Training Discipline: Keeping Your Focus for the Best Self Defense

    As you approach a best self defense training plan, the concept of training discipline is incredibly important. Training discipline means making sure what you spend time, effort and energy on learning how to do is applicable to your intended situation or intended context of need or use. All the research and decision-making you do prior…

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  • 3:04

    Using a Body Lock to Gain Control in an Attack

    PDN Contributor and hand-to-hand close-quarters combat instructor Cecil Burch discusses and demonstrates how to use a body lock. Once we’ve crashed into the bad guy, inflicted some pain and set him back on his heels, we need to take control from him. He started the control by initiating the attack. We take control away from…

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  • 1:35

    Using Video To Improve Your Techniques

    Video can be an incredibly important tool in helping you diagnose problems in your physical technique, learning to perfect it and finding ways to improve your efficiency in any of your motions when you’re out at the range, when you’re developing any sort of defensive tool use, or even unarmed defensive skills. Video Capability The…

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  • Vehicle Hood as a Brace

    Vehicle Hood as a Brace

    Using a vehicle hood as a brace can be a great idea, especially if we are shooting with bystanders present, shooting at an extreme distance, or needing to make a very precise shot. If you find yourself in the middle of a public shooting and you have a rifle in your vehicle, the flat surface…

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  • Shooting Steel Targets

    Shooting Steel Targets

    Shooting steel targets is a great way to train rapidly without having to worry about the wind or weather affecting paper targets, or worry about replacing targets. Just spray paint the steel target once in awhile to clean it up, and you’ll know where your hits are going. Even if you don’t paint it, the…

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  • how to become a shooting instructor

    First Steps as a Defensive Shooting Instructor

    If you’re wondering how to become a shooting instructor, this video offers guidance. First you have to understand all the core components, all the attributes you need to develop, all the responsibilities you’re going to have. Then what? Being a Student The best way to start out is as a student, taking all the classes…

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  • Zero Red Dot

    Home Defense Zero

    If you have a rifle set up and intended for home defense, how should you zero the red dot sight for home-defense distances? Rob Pincus has an Aimpoint Comp ML3 mounted on his rifle. It has a 2 MOA (minute of angle) red dot, meaning it’s a fairly small dot. It will be capable of…

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