• The Myth of Defensive Sighted Fire

    The Myth of Defensive Sighted Fire

    Combat accuracy is defined as any shot that significantly affects the target’s ability to present a lethal threat. Many people think that in order to be able to get precise hits into the high center chest, even at close distances like 20 feet, you need to have precise sight alignment/sight picture. Mythbusting Rob Pincus is…

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  • Overview of Competition Training

    Overview of Competition Training

    From the Scottsdale Gun Club, PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus has an in-depth discussion with champion competitive shooter Mark Hanish. Rob opens by describing competition shooters as world-class athletes who integrate high-performance body mechanics with intellect, poise under pressure, and the tool of the firearm. And the firearm is not the same as those we…

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  • Carrying a Concealed Firearm

    When Not to Tell Others You Are Carrying a Concealed Handgun

    When shouldn’t you tell someone you’re carrying a concealed firearm? Rob Pincus presents his views. To Threaten Someone The number one situation in which you should not tell someone you’re armed is in an attempt to threaten them. “Hey, pal, don’t mess with me. I’m carrying a gun!” Don’t say this—it makes you the instigator…

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  • RATS Tourniquet

    RATS Tourniquet Use

    The RATS Tourniquet is a relatively new emergency medical device. RATS stands for Rapid Application Tourniquet System. It’s a convenient, easy to use and carry tourniquet that does have the potential to actually work. The RATS Difference The RATS Tourniquet, which is fluorescent orange in color, works by allowing multiple wraps of the relatively thin…

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  • Recognition of Condition Drill

    Shooting Drills: Recognition of Condition Drill

    Recognition is an important part of processing information. Sometimes people confuse processing and analyzing, which is cognitive thought, when we stop and focus on the incoming information and try to make a decision, then we proceed to have a response. Processing can be much simpler. It can just be recognition. This handgun training drill deals…

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  • The Myth of Limited Precision from a Snub Nosed Revolver

    The Myth of Limited Precision from a Snub Nosed Revolver

    The snub-nosed revolver is a very popular defensive gun. The snubbie featured in this video is a 642 Smith & Wesson J-Frame and is one that Rob Pincus actually carries. In fact snubbies are so popular that we have an entire hour-long video download dedicated to developing skills with the snub-nosed revolver for personal defense.…

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  • Carrying a Concealed Handgun

    When to Tell Others You’re Carrying a Concealed Handgun

    When should you tell others you are carrying a concealed handgun? It’s a question that anyone who does carry a concealed firearm should take very seriously before they are suddenly confronted with the question of whether to tell someone or not. PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus has some answers “Are You Carrying a Gun Right…

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  • Self-Defense Ammo

    The Future of Self-Defense Ammo

    PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus and PDN Contributor Grant Cunningham discuss defensive ammunition. Where is self-defense ammo today? Is it at the point where it doesn’t need to get any better? Rob speaks from his perspective of working closely with Winchester Ammunition on promoting their self-defense ammo. Effective Ammo and Efficient Ammo Rob defines effective…

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  • How to use a Single Point Sling

    How to Use a Single Point Sling and Two Point Carry Sling

    In a defensive situation, where you are going to a closet, safe or other storage area to get your AR, load it, make it ready, and get into position to defend yourself, you may not be worrying about having to put the rifle down or do other things with your hands. But you can foresee…

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