• Handgun Training: Pistol Sight Design Breakdown

    Handgun Training: Pistol Sight Design Breakdown

    Rob Pincus has seen many different sights on students’ self defense pistols and has used even more himself over the last 30 years, but has never seen a design that works better than the traditional notch and blade type sight. The front sight is designed to fit into the notch of the rear sight. Rob…

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  • Rear Sight: Claw Emergency Manipulation Sight

    Rear Sight: Claw Emergency Manipulation Sight

    Rob Pincus demonstrates the Claw Emergency Manipulation Sight, which is designed to make emergency one-handed manipulations easier if a malfunction occurs by making the “tap, rack” as efficient as possible. The Claw is a rear sight with a concave edge that hooks onto your holster, belt or any other edge you may use to slide…

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  • Installing Defensive AmeriGlo Sights on a Handgun

    Installing AmeriGlo Sights on a Defensive Handgun

    A sensible modification for a defensive handgun is installing aftermarket sights, especially ones that are for defensive use. In this tutorial video, Rob Pincus is at the workbench and installs a set of AmeriGlo sights on a Glock. What tools do you need to complete this? What checks should you perform when you get to…

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  • Using Sight for Single-Hand Reload

    Using Sight for Single-Hand Reload

    Rob Pincus demonstrates and explains the preferred method for reloading your semi-automatic firing with your strong hand only. Rob also points out the significant advantage that a modern rear sight, without a sloped front edge, provides for this worst-case scenario situation.

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  • 5:29

    Pistol Handling: The Overhand Method

    Consistency is extremely important when handling your pistol, especially when you use multiple types, and being able to consistently get your weapon into battery can seriously influence your effectiveness during a dynamic critical incident.

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