• Snub nosed revolver

    Practice for Loading a Snub Nosed Revolver

    PDN Contributor Claude Werner offers a step-by-step tutorial on reloading a snub-nosed revolver during a defensive scenario, meaning you must look around and assess the situation while reloading. For the final step, Claude explains why he advises against the popular method of pushing the cylinder into the revolver with the support-hand thumb.

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  • The Myth of Reloading from a Kneeling Position

    The Myth of Reloading from a Kneeling Position

    During range practice, some shooters drop to one knee to do a reload. Rob Pincus analyzes the disadvantages of reloading from a kneeling position and why shooters may have been trained to do it. If working as part of a military or law enforcement tactical team, taking a knee during a reload or malfunction makes…

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