• Snub nosed revolver

    Practice for Loading a Snub Nosed Revolver

    PDN Contributor Claude Werner offers a step-by-step tutorial on reloading a snub-nosed revolver during a defensive scenario, meaning you must look around and assess the situation while reloading. For the final step, Claude explains why he advises against the popular method of pushing the cylinder into the revolver with the support-hand thumb.

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  • Pistol Training with a Revolver vs Auto-Loader Handgun - What can it teach us?

    Pistol Training with a Revolver vs Auto-Loader Handgun – What Can it Teach Us?

    A pistol training tip from PDN Contributor Grant Cunningham on how to make the transition between the heavy double action and the lighter single action with a traditional double-action auto pistol easier and more consistent. It will result in faster shots between the first and second rounds, and more precise shots for the second and…

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  • Innovative Appendix Carry Holster

    Innovative Appendix Carry Holster

    After wearing the City Special appendix carry holster from PHLster for a few months, PDN Contributor Grant Cunningham has become very familiar with the unique features of this holster, which is made for S&W J-Frames. With the City Special, it’s possible to perform one-handed reloads. Grant demonstrates this and discusses the other special features of…

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  • Getting Started Shooting a Revolver

    Getting Started Shooting a Revolver

    PDN Contributor and revolver expert Grant Cunningham has some pointers for shooting a revolver efficiently as well as tips for shooters who are new to the double-action defensive revolver. The first two things to concentrate on are mastering the long, heavy double-action trigger pull and the reload. Close-up camera work helps illustrate the finer points…

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  • Manipulating the Snub-Nose Revolver Trigger

    Manipulating the Snub-Nose Revolver Trigger

    Wheelgun expert Grant Cunningham is on the range to talk about manipulating the double-action trigger on a snub-nose revolver. The snubbie is one of the most difficult firearms to shoot well. How can the shooter control the 11 pounds of force exerted by the trigger and keep it from steering the gun? Grant has some…

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  • Book: Defensive Revolver Fundamentals

    Book: Defensive Revolver Fundamentals

    Defensive Revolver Fundamentals was written with a specific purpose in mind: to help readers understand the revolver as a close-quarters defensive tool. Author Grant Cunningham is a PDN contributor, defensive shooting instructor, and an expert in the field of defensive revolvers. Defensive Revolver Fundamentals contains topics on how to choose a defensive revolver, how to…

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  • Common Shooting Challenges with the Snub Nose Revolver

    Common Shooting Challenges with the Snub Nose Revolver

    Claude Werner of Firearms Safety Training, LLC is on the range doing target analysis of shots fired from a Smith & Wesson J-Frame revolver. Claude discusses some of the common shooting challenges with the snub nose revolver. Due to the extremely short sight radius on the J-Frame, the shooter must place the front sight exactly…

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  • Strongside Revolver Reload

    Strongside Revolver Reload

    Jon Abel gives a quick demonstration of reloading a defensive revolver with a speed loader kept on the strong side. Revolvers generally have a lower capacity than modern semi-automatic pistols and are slower to reload, so an efficient technique is incredibly important.

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  • 22 Magnum Snub Nosed Option

    22 Magnum Snub Nosed Option

    Rob Pincus dispels the theory that a 22mm snub-nosed magnum is preferred over the 38mm option.

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