• Bipod vs. Improvised Rest

    Instructor Don Edwards discusses and demonstrates the differences between shooting with a bipod and shooting from an improvised rest. Both methods can dramatically increase deviation control, but the improvised rest techniques are much more versatile and universal.

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  • Presenting and Shooting From A Seated Position

    Most of us spend a lot of our time sitting down, so why not practice for a critical incident that requires you to present and shoot your weapon from a seated position? In this video, Rob Pincus teaches the proper technique for drawing your firearm, getting off an effective shot, standing up and checking your

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  • How to Select Ammunition for Precision Rifle Shooting

    Ammunition selection and consistent use is an important part in precision rifle shooting. Pincus demonstrates how to choose the best ammunition for your rifle including soft point, ballistic tip and different ammunition weight. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) Original Video.

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