• Ballista Tactical Rotating Rail

    Rob Pincus discusses some potential uses for this new product from Ballista Tactical. This innovative rail, which allows accessories to be rotated around the barrel, offers flexibility in a variety of situations.

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  • Low Ready Position with a Long Gun

    Rob Pincus explains the advantages of a muzzle low ready position, especially in an extreme close quarters situation. The low ready position allows for more efficiency and consistency when moving into a shooting position and for dramatically more control if your rifle is ever grabbed by an attacker.

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  • Bipod vs. Improvised Rest

    Instructor Don Edwards discusses and demonstrates the differences between shooting with a bipod and shooting from an improvised rest. Both methods can dramatically increase deviation control, but the improvised rest techniques are much more versatile and universal.

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  • Understanding the Need for High Capacity Magazines

    Math lesson! How much ammunition do you need for personal or home defense? It’s a hot topic today. Rob Pincus has the stats at hand and runs the numbers to illustrate that the logical need for high capacity magazines is a reality and is something we should be prepared for.

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  • Integrated Suppressed Rifle (ISR) and the M4A1

    Daniel Defense's Jay Duncan shows Rob Pincus their new Integrated Suppressed Rifle (ISR) and the M4A1 firearm at the NRA's 2013 Annual Meetings and Exhibits.

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  • .22 Magnum Rifle for Home Defense

    Rob Pincus is on the range with a Ruger 10/22, one of the most popular guns in the history of American firearms. The .22 Magnum version is a viable choice for home defense when loaded with proper ammunition, like the Winchester PDX1 round. Normally Rob wouldn’t recommend a .22 Magnum for personal defense, but for…

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  • Accessorizing AR-15 Type Rifles

    AR-15 type rifles are known for their ability to be accessorized. The Ballista Nautilus Rotating Rail allows you to change the position of any of your rail-mounted accessories in 45-degree increments.

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  • How To Maintain Your Precision Rifle

    Overview of the chemicals and materials used in rifle maintenance.

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  • Part 5: Extreme Close Quarters Retention Shooting

    If you ever experience an extreme close quarters shooting instance during home intrusion, it is highly unlikely that the situation will allow you to aim down the sights and fire from the high ready position. So Rob Pincus demonstrates how to prepare yourself for the much more likely situation when you have to fire from…

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