• Cliche of Awareness

    Cliche of Awareness

    “Awareness” is a constant theme in self-defense training, but it can sometimes be presented as something rigid that doesn't take into account the way your attention to your surroundings fluctuates during the day.

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  • Using a Dropped Gun to Stop an Attacker

    Using a Dropped Gun to Stop an Attacker

    Rob Pincus reviews the most fundamental operation of a firearm in a way that can be shared with those reluctant to get formal and thorough education in the use of a firearm for personal defense. Teachers, medical professionals and others who work in areas where being armed is impossible could find themselves confronted by an…

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  • self defense for women

    Take It Outside: Self Defense for Women

    Do you spend time outdoors? When most people think about the places they enjoy being in the outdoors the most, quite often they think about places that are isolated.

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  • Long Stick Defense Tactics

    Long Stick Defense Tactics

    Learn how to successfully use a medium-sized stick in self-defense situations.

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  • Defensive Grappling: Wrist Locks

    Defensive Grappling: Wrist Locks

    Rob Pincus demonstrates the wrist lock, a key personal defense technique.

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  • The Arm Bar Escape

    The Arm Bar Escape

    Rob Pincus demonstrates the arm bar and how it can be effectively used in self-defense situations.

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  • The Myth of the Bad Guy

    The Myth of the Bad Guy

    Don't completely discount what you've heard about being aware of your surroundings. It is possible that someone you don't know could simply attack you, but statistics show that the idea of a man in a black mask who pulls up in a white van is very uncommon. The myth of the bad guy is a term that self-defense teachers like Kelly Muir give this misconception that you'll be attacked while out for your Sunday jog just because they want to hurt you.

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  • Knife Power Demonstration

    Knife Power Demonstration

    In order to properly utilize the capabilities of a defensive knife

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  • Knife Stopping Power

    Knife Stopping Power

    Self-defense is all about stopping power, or stopping an attacker from being dangerous to you. Michael Janich shows you the difference between being effective with a knife and being efficient.

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