• The Flow Drill Firearm Assessment

    In the Combat Focus Shooting Advanced Pistol Handling Course, the Flow Drill is used as a firearm assessment tool to see how students put together the skills they have learned in isolation. Paul Carlson of Safety Solutions Academy presents this drill, which requires students to move back and forth among unorthodox shooting positions while still…

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  • Firing Port Exercise: Pistol Shooting Positions

    Time for a skill development drill. A barricade with firing ports of varied sizes and shapes gives us an opportunity to experiment with the different pistol shooting positions we may be in when defending ourselves from behind various obstacles. The value of the exercise is in understanding how we must adjust our body position —…

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  • Part 5. Balance of Speed & Precision Drill on a Traditional Indoor Range

    Rob Pincus discusses important considerations for running the Balance of Speed & Precision drill on an appropriate target in the stall of a traditional indoor range. Training in a narrow space, with a limited bullet trap area, brings important safety issues to your practice that need to be addressed in how you both set-up and…

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  • Volume of Fire Drills

    Rob Pincus explains how to determine the number of shots you may need to take in order to stop a threat. A Personal Defense Network original video.

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