• 3:29

    Surprise Slide Lock Reload

    The slide lock reload drill is a simple drill that you and your training partners can use to create surprise reload opportunities. Learning the mechanics of proper reloads is just a starting point; your goal should be learning how to apply those mechanical skills without hesitation or cognitive thought when you recognize slide lock.

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  • Pistol Malfunctions: Tap and Rack

    Pistol Malfunctions: Tap and Rack

    What do you do if your pistol doesn’t go “Bang!” when you need it to in the middle of a string of fire? If you hear a “click” when you expect a “bang,” pull the gun in, tap the magazine to make sure it’s properly seated, rotate your hand up and over the top of…

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  • Pistol Malfunctions: Quick Reload

    Pistol Malfunctions: Quick Reload

    How should we practice to deal with malfunctions with our defensive pistol? Rob advocates a non-diagnostic linear malfunction response for a quick reload. If you feel there’s not a complete cycling of the slide, going to a quick reload is appropriate. In the middle of a gunfight, don’t look at the pistol to see what’s…

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  • Rear Sight: Claw Emergency Manipulation Sight

    Rear Sight: Claw Emergency Manipulation Sight

    Rob Pincus demonstrates the Claw Emergency Manipulation Sight, which is designed to make emergency one-handed manipulations easier if a malfunction occurs by making the “tap, rack” as efficient as possible. The Claw is a rear sight with a concave edge that hooks onto your holster, belt or any other edge you may use to slide…

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  • Using Sight for Single-Hand Reload

    Using Sight for Single-Hand Reload

    Rob Pincus demonstrates and explains the preferred method for reloading your semi-automatic firing with your strong hand only. Rob also points out the significant advantage that a modern rear sight, without a sloped front edge, provides for this worst-case scenario situation.

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  • One-Handed Shot After Reload

    One-Handed Shot After Reload

    Rob Pincus explains the best way to properly utilize close-quarters counter ambush shooting when you are reloading and your attacker is still approaching.

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  • Dryfire Practice With A Training Partner

    Dryfire Practice With A Training Partner

    Claude Werner and Rob Pincus demonstrate a training session for dryfire practice with a handgun.

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  • 5:29

    Pistol Handling: The Overhand Method

    Consistency is extremely important when handling your pistol, especially when you use multiple types, and being able to consistently get your weapon into battery can seriously influence your effectiveness during a dynamic critical incident.

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  • Contact Shooting Simulation

    Contact Shooting Simulation

    Rob Pincus and a training partner demonstrate principles and fundamentals of contact shooting during a lethal threat.

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