• Alternative Target Shooting Area

    Alternative Target Shooting Area

    There are several reasons why you may need to aim at an alternative target area other than the high-center chest area in a defensive shooting scenario.

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  • Resetting Shooting Fundamentals

    Resetting Shooting Fundamentals

    Rob Pincus teaches you how to reset your fundamentals if you're lacking combat accuracy while shooting. To put this concept into context, imagine yourself in the middle of a firefight.

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  • Utilizing A Stick In Your Defense

    Utilizing A Stick In Your Defense

    Michael Janich and Craig Foushee teach the proper technique for utilizing a medium-length stick to defend against, control and strike an attacker so that you can escape unharmed. Michael demonstrates a few of the situations you might find yourself, like when an attacker attempts to strike you either forehand or backhand, and what you would…

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  • Target Areas

    Target Areas

    During a close-quarters fight, target areas on an attacker are the parts of his body that make him dangerous to you.

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  • Moving while Shooting in Close Quarters

    Moving while Shooting in Close Quarters

    The best technique for moving away from and shooting at a target in close quarters is demonstrated. The optimal strategy is to drive your gun into extension while rapidly moving away from the target to create a wider envelope for engagement. To effectively complete this drill, begin an arm’s length from your target in retention…

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  • Target Identification

    Target Identification

    One of the toughest parts of using a firearm in public is target identification. Rob Pincus shows how to identify and respond to a threat in a public space. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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  • Spray Painting Defensive Targets

    Spray Painting Defensive Targets

    A target with a variety of target options help students recognize the different types of reaction and response tactics for a given drill. Watch how to make your own target with a white sheet of paper and multiple colors of spray paint.

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