• 4:52

    Controlling Shot Anticipation

    Many shooters anticipate the sound and feeling of recoil just before they fire the gun, resulting in a “flinch” that adversely affects their precision.

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  • Target Areas for Defense with A Stick

    Target Areas for Defense with a Stick

    Michael Janich shows you the quickest and most efficent way to shut down an attacker by targeting the parts of the body that allow the attacker to be dangerous to you. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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  • Lever Action Shooting

    Lever Action Shooting

    Rob Pincus shows how to use your lever action firearm. This video includes information on using your lever action firearm in single action mode and use of a manual safety.

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  • Quick Release Gun Safe

    Quick Release Gun Safe

    It is important to keep your gun in a secure place when it's not in use, but it also needs to be quickly and easily accessible in an immediate dynamic critical incident.

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  • Lever Action Defense Scenario

    Lever Action Defense Scenario

    Rob Pincus takes you through a typical home defense situation and describes how things would play out if you were to use a lever action rifle to defend yourself. Find out how to efficiently load a lever action rifle in certain home defense scenarios as well as see how the place where you store your…

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  • Shooting Semi-Automatic Shotguns

    Shooting Semi-Automatic Shotguns

    Rob Pincus provides helpful tips and techniques for shooting a semi-automatic shotgun in this Personal Defense Network video. Shooting a semi-automatic shotgun can be a bit complicated. Not anymore! Rob teaches you how to properly and efficiently shoot a semi-automatic shotgun with confidence. Also, learn how to best determine which rounds to use and that…

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  • Manipulating Semi-Automatic Shotguns

    Manipulating Semi-Automatic Shotguns

    Rob Pincus provides helpful tips and techniques for manipulating a semi-automatic shotgun in this Personal Defense Network video. Learn when the appropriate time is to have the safety on and find out how to manipulate the shotgun successfully depending on the situation.

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  • Pump Action Shotguns

    Pump Action Shotguns

    Brad Schuppan of the NRA Whittington Center talks about the pump action shotgun, a common firearm to have in the home and a popular choice for home defense. Find out how to retrieve a shotgun quickly in a defensive situation. Brad also offers some tips for storing shotguns in the home.

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  • Shooting Pump Action Shotguns

    Shooting Pump Action Shotguns

    It is time to take a look at the pump action shotgun! Rob Pincus teaches you how to put the shotgun on properly while he demonstrates a few helpful techniques for shooting a pump action shotgun. Find out what other tips Rob has to offer in this personal defense network video.

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