PDN Tour 2014

See a full listing of courses, dates, and locations here. And check back often for special video updates on all that’s happening with the 2014 PDN Training Tour.

2014 PDN Training Tour Update – 8/8

The 2014 PDN Training Tour takes a quick swing through New York City to discuss firearms safety and low-profile defensive tools. View...

2014 PDN Training Tour Update – 8/7

Rob checks in from British Columbia to talk with one Canadian gun owner about gun laws in his country. View...

2014 PDN Training Tour Update – 7/29

Rob visits Shooters Sports Center in West Creek, NJ to teach his Combat Focus Shooting course to law enforcement officers and civilians alike. View...

2014 PDN Training Tour Update – 7/16

Rob visits with Mike Hughes of Next Level Training in Maple Falls, Washington to teach you the Figure 8 Drill.View...

2014 PDN Training Tour Update - 7/3

Rob is in Colorado and gives an update before heading east to Michigan for the Fourth of July weekend. View...

2014 PDN Training Tour Update - 6/19

Rob is in the Rocky Mountains over Leadville, Colorado, to talk about the latest courses on the PDN Training Tour. View...

2014 PDN Training Tour Update - 6/5

The PDN Training Tour makes a stop in the capital city of Minnesota and checks in with the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office training facility. View...

2014 PDN Training Tour Update - 5/12

The PDN Training Tour visits with a firearms instructor was recently a training student with a PDN contributor. View...

2014 PDN Training Tour Update 5/2

Rob and the Training Tour check in after a visit at the NRA annual meeting. View...

2014 PDN Training Tour Update 4/18

The training tour checks in from the nation's capital to talk transportation with firearms and rifle instruction. View...

2014 PDN Training Tour Update 4/7

Rob Pincus explains the benefits of training in the 180-degree simulator at Gander Mountain Academy locations. View...

2014 PDN Training Tour Update 3/31

Rob Pincus discusses the evolution of a new training program and how a loaner Springfield Armory XDS worked out for one of the students in the first live fire course of the 2014 Training Tour! View...

Minimalist Holsters

Some truly minimalist options for carrying a handgun on your body are now on the market, but are they useful or reckless? Watch here >>

Handguns: The Questions to Ask

When you approach the handgun counter at a Gander Mountain store, you'll find scores of options from dozens of manufacturers. It is important that you ask the right questions of yourself and of the person helping you make your selection. View...
PDN Tour 2014
Training Tour 8/8
New York City, NY
Training Tour 8/7
British Columbia
Training Tour 7/29
West Creek, NJ
Training Tour 7/16
Maple Falls, WA
Training Tour 7/3
Training Tour 6/19
Leadville, CO
Training Tour 6/5
St. Paul, MN
Training Tour 5/12
Central Ohio
Training Tour 5/2
Indianapolis, IN
Training Tour 4/18
Washington, DC
Training Tour 4/7
Lake Marion, FL
Tour Kickoff
St. Augustine, FL
Holster Options
Useful or Reckless?
Selecting Handguns