• PDN 014004f_K5F83U_c Fenix LD09 LED FlashLight FREE

    Compelling reasons to make a tactical flashlight part of your everyday-carry gear, whether you’re carrying a firearm or not, include using it to find and identify a threat, as well as startle and possibly deter a threat. And of course a flashlight can execute many mundane tasks. Fenix Flashlights For several months, Rob Pincus has… Read more »

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  • PDN 013619f_k5f63u_c Compact Medical Kits

    What should you put in a tactical first aid kit? More specifically, what should you put in a large tactical first aid kit that you keep in your vehicle, and what should you put in a compact first aid kit to carry with you? Fortunately manufacturers of medical gear give us options for every size… Read more »

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  • 013107f_k5f06u_c

    Does a home-defense rifle or shotgun need a rifle sling? Rob Pincus believes any long gun that will potentially be used in the chaotic environment of personal defense absolutely should have a sling. Whether for a law-enforcement officer wielding a patrol rifle, or anyone in the military who carries a rifle on patrol and keeps… Read more »

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  • PDN 013626f_k5f70u_c Crossbreed Holsters - 2017 Tour Sponsor

    CrossBreed Holsters has sponsored the PDN Training Tour since the very first year, and we’re proud to have them with us again in 2017. Rob Pincus has done a lot of projects with CrossBreed over the years, but their support of the PDN Training Tour is definitely one of the highlights of their relationship. What… Read more »

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  • PDN 013527f_k5f49u_c T Triple C vs. TECC - PREMIUM

    TCCC stands for Tactical Combat Casualty Care, and if you’re in law enforcement, the military, private security, or take your personal defense seriously, you’re probably familiar with the term. The guidelines of TCCC have informed the personal-defense community for some time, about best practices, best types of gear, and the kind of awareness and training… Read more »

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  • PDN 005155f_K5300u_c Top Stop PREMIUM Still

    Guest presenter Steve Aryan of Grey Fox Reviews demonstrates a product that’s useful for rifle shooters who travel and need to break their rifle down into two pieces. You might need to break down a rifle or AR pistol for an airplane flight, or for shorter trips to and from the range when you want… Read more »

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  • PDN 000469f_k5469u_c Task Appropriate Kydex PREMIUM

    When shopping for self-defense gear, look for gear that helps you accomplish tasks efficiently, not for gear that looks cool. Sounds simple, right? But it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying gear for the wrong reasons. Rob Pincus gets a lot of questions about what gear he is wearing, from people who’ve seen… Read more »

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  • PDN 013407f_k5f31u_c SFD Responder Ankle Medical Kit - FREE

    Everyone who takes their personal defense and the protection of their loved ones seriously knows it’s a great idea to have an emergency medical kit close at hand when you’re in a public space or in your workplace, vehicle, or home. In the past that wasn’t always convenient — but the SFD Responder is a… Read more »

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  • FN 509 9mm Striker Fire Handgun

    The FN 509 is a brand-new 17+1 round double-stack 9mm striker-fired handgun. Other high-capacity 9mm handguns are on the market — what sets the FN 509 apart? Rob Pincus tests it and is impressed with the FN 509’s design, ergonomics, and handling. FN 509 Features The 509 is FN’s first high-capacity 9mm in this size… Read more »

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