• PDN 005155f_K5300u_c Top Stop PREMIUM Still

    Guest presenter Steve Aryan of Grey Fox Reviews demonstrates a product that’s useful for rifle shooters who travel and need to break their rifle down into two pieces. You might need to break down a rifle or AR pistol for an airplane flight, or for shorter trips to and from the range when you want… Read more »

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  • PDN 000469f_k5469u_c Task Appropriate Kydex PREMIUM

    When shopping for self-defense gear, look for gear that helps you accomplish tasks efficiently, not for gear that looks cool. Sounds simple, right? But it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying gear for the wrong reasons. Rob Pincus gets a lot of questions about what gear he is wearing, from people who’ve seen… Read more »

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  • PDN 013407f_k5f31u_c SFD Responder Ankle Medical Kit - FREE

    Everyone who takes their personal defense and the protection of their loved ones seriously knows it’s a great idea to have an emergency medical kit close at hand when you’re in a public space or in your workplace, vehicle, or home. In the past that wasn’t always convenient — but the SFD Responder is a… Read more »

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  • FN 509 9mm Striker Fire Handgun

    The FN 509 is a brand-new 17+1 round double-stack 9mm striker-fired handgun. Other high-capacity 9mm handguns are on the market — what sets the FN 509 apart? Rob Pincus tests it and is impressed with the FN 509’s design, ergonomics, and handling. FN 509 Features The 509 is FN’s first high-capacity 9mm in this size… Read more »

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  • Tactical Walls

    Tactical Walls clandestine storage units are actually staging units for defensive guns: they’re not intended just for firearm storage but are designed to offer quick access to a defensive firearm when you need it most. Tactical Walls Picture To any observer, the Tactical Walls Picture is just a large framed painting. It doesn’t scream “gun… Read more »

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  • Tactical Walls Shelf

    When it comes to protecting what you love, parents will say their children are priority number one. That’s why Rob Pincus has talked about staging a defensive firearm in your child’s room. How exactly does he propose to do this? Tactical Walls Shelf He is not talking about sticking a loaded gun in a corner… Read more »

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  • Tactical Belt

    The I.C.E. CLAW Belt Gen 2 is an evolutionary step up from the original CLAW Belt. We take a look at how it works, how it’s improved, and what makes it a useful and low-profile tactical belt. CLAW Belt Gen 1 The original CLAW tactical belt was somewhat stiff and the belt had to be… Read more »

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  • PHLster Flatpack Tourniquet Carrier

    The PHLster Flatpack Tourniquet Carrier may look like just a couple of straps on a piece of plastic, but the way the straps are attached to the piece of plastic makes this one of the simplest and most elegant methods of carrying a tourniquet. Let’s take a closer look. You can also use the PHLster… Read more »

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  • 40 round pmag

    Everyone in the training industry knows Magpul and the fine accessories they make for ARs and shotguns. Magpul is best known for making the definitive modern AR-15 magazine, the PMAG. This video examines the 40 round PMAG. Magpul PMAGs come in several different configurations, including with or without windows, and there have been a few… Read more »

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