Rob Pincus

Closed vs. Open Pistol Optics *Expanded*

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

This is an expanded version of a video previously posted about which is better — closed or open optics for a red-dot sight on a defensive pistol? An open optic has one plane of glass that reflects light back to the shooter’s eyes. It’s inside a frame, but dust, dirt, rain, and more can get on the glass and obscure the dot.

A closed optic looks big and bulky compared to an open one. But the closed optic has two surfaces of glass, so the reflective surface is protected and less likely to pick up dust and dirt. The outer surface is also very quick and easy to clean. For potentially life-saving defensive gear, Rob Pincus goes with what works best, not what may look better.

Looking for more info about optics? The PDN site has over 250 videos and articles about optics.

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