• 3:14

    Shooting to Wound

    Using a firearm is a use of lethal force. Shooting to wound is a horrible idea and shouldn’t be part of your tactical approach or your strategy. Rob Pincus understands why the concept of shooting to wound is part of our conversation, especially with people who don’t carry guns and don’t train…but Rob wishes it…

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  • 7:39

    Aftermath of Defensive Gun Use: Recruiting a Helper

    In the immediate aftermath of a defensive gun use, many urgent and critical things need to be addressed. We discuss these in other videos in specific contexts, such as active shooter response, home defense tactics, armed defense in public, law enforcement response, medical or communication issues, and more. Considering the scope of things that may…

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  • 8:05

    Risk Mitigation in the Firearms Industry

    When we talk about risk mitigation in the safety, security, and personal defense community, it’s vital that we identify the risks appropriately before we make plans for how to mitigate them. We also need to consider the resources — how much time, money, and personal investment we want to put into mitigating those risks, as…

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  • 3:47

    Understanding Force Options

    Our understanding of use of force options has changed over time. In the past, it was often expressed as the force continuum, which pictured force options as a linear progression starting from verbal force all the way up to lethal force. THE FORCE CONTINUUM It was often depicted as a ladder or a staircase to…

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  • 4:09

    Carrying While Drinking/Impaired

    Think carefully about the appropriate and inappropriate times to have access to firearms. If our judgment is impaired and we can’t operate at our best, a firearm may not be a good choice of defensive tool. Rob Pincus explains why. Carrying a defensive firearm is always a matter of compromises, and those compromises go beyond…

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  • 3:13

    Conflict De-Escalation: Snow Shoveling Incident

    WARNING: The following video contains graphic content. Conflict avoidance and conflict de-escalation are the first two rules of personal defense. In this video, Rob Pincus presents a real-life situation where these were not practiced, and the result was a tragedy that likely could have been avoided. SNOW SHOVELING INCIDENT You may have seen or heard…

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  • 35:23

    On Duty CBD: An Interview with Gregory Keeley

    PDN has always presented health and fitness information because these topics relate to our defensive lifestyle. Training and on-the-job injuries affect how we can best defend ourselves and those we care about. In this extended interview, PDN talks with U.S. Navy veteran Gregory Keeley about his On Duty CBD and how it can help people…

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  • 1:54

    Dangers of an Oversized Magazine Well

    An oversized magazine well is an aftermarket accessory that Rob Pincus thinks does not belong on a defensive pistol in most cases. The reason it can potentially be dangerous is that, if you have a magazine that does not extend significantly outside of, and in many cases even beyond at all, the oversized well, it…

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  • 3:03

    3 Keys to Proper Use of Cover

    Rob Pincus presents the three keys to realistic defensive-shooting practice for use of cover. How do we apply proper use of cover when in a fight? We have to do it by spatial awareness and our proximity to the cover. A gunfight is a dynamic, constantly changing situation. Our emphasis with respect to cover should…

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