• FN FNS-9 Compact 9mm Handgun

    The FNS-9 Compact from FN is a handgun Rob Pincus is very enthusiastic about and believes that more people should consider for concealed carry and defensive use. The reliability and durability of FN guns are well proven. They’re accurate and will work for you when you need them to. Here’s his full review. Excellent Concealed-Carry… Read more »

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  • Are You A Sheepdog?

    The analogy of the sheepdog, which oversees and protects the flock, was popularized in the law enforcement, military, security, and personal defense communities in the 1990s through the writings of Lt. Col. David Grossman, who has been a PDN contributor. Over the years, Rob Pincus’s beliefs about the sheepdog concept have evolved. The Professional Sheepdog… Read more »

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  • CMMG - Rifles - 2017 Tour Sponsor

    It’s great to have CMMG back on the PDN Training Tour for their third year as a sponsor and providing demo rifles for Rob to use during training tour courses. The CMMG rifles Rob brings to class are often pressed into service when a student’s rifle goes down, and have proven durable and reliable during… Read more »

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  • PDN 005155f_K5300u_c Top Stop PREMIUM Still

    Guest presenter Steve Aryan of Grey Fox Reviews demonstrates a product that’s useful for rifle shooters who travel and need to break their rifle down into two pieces. You might need to break down a rifle or AR pistol for an airplane flight, or for shorter trips to and from the range when you want… Read more »

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  • Steve Aryan demonstrating how one might shoulder fire an AR Pistol with a stabilizing brace during a defensive shooting situation.

    Steve Aryan of Grey Fox Industries discusses considerations when shouldering an AR pistol using the SIG Stabilizing Brace or a pistol buffer tube. SIG Brace The SIG Brace is not a stock, so it is not permanently physically attached to prevent it from shifting or spinning. Steve twists it so it’s cockeyed. This is not… Read more »

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  • PDN 000469f_k5469u_c Task Appropriate Kydex PREMIUM

    When shopping for self-defense gear, look for gear that helps you accomplish tasks efficiently, not for gear that looks cool. Sounds simple, right? But it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying gear for the wrong reasons. Rob Pincus gets a lot of questions about what gear he is wearing, from people who’ve seen… Read more »

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  • 013158f_k5f20u_c

    Keep this Good Samaritan checklist in your head as a script you can quickly run through in case you come upon a situation where you might be compelled to act on behalf of a stranger in the public space. If you have sufficient self-defense training and are prepared to defend yourself and your loved ones,… Read more »

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  • PDN 013522f_k5f44u_c Constitutional Carry - PREMIUM

    “Constitutional carry” is used within the gun community to mean no permit is required to legally carry a concealed firearm inside a given state, because the U.S. Constitution says Americans have the right to keep and bear arms. Pitfalls of Constitutional Carry In some states with Constitutional carry, certain municipalities within the state may forbid… Read more »

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  • PDN 013407f_k5f31u_c SFD Responder Ankle Medical Kit - FREE

    Everyone who takes their personal defense and the protection of their loved ones seriously knows it’s a great idea to have an emergency medical kit close at hand when you’re in a public space or in your workplace, vehicle, or home. In the past that wasn’t always convenient — but the SFD Responder is a… Read more »

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