• 2:35

    Communication During a Critical Incident

    When it comes to communication during a critical incident, it is important to stay focused on what you need or what you see that other people need to know about. And that’s it. In this video, Rob Pincus dispels some myths. During training classes, students often ask Rob about communication during a critical incident such…

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  • 3:14

    Shooting to Wound

    Using a firearm is a use of lethal force. Shooting to wound is a horrible idea and shouldn’t be part of your tactical approach or your strategy. Rob Pincus understands why the concept of shooting to wound is part of our conversation, especially with people who don’t carry guns and don’t train…but Rob wishes it…

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  • 2:34

    Lucid Optics L7 RIfle Scope

    Rob Pincus is on the range with the 1-6x L7 Rifle Scope from Lucid Optics. Low-power variable-optic scopes are very popular now, and for different roles, including patrol rifle use, hunting (especially hog hunting), defense outdoors in the public space, and defense around a vehicle. For home defense inside the home (or any building), a…

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  • 3:49

    Lucid Optics M7

    Let’s take a look at the Lucid Optics M7 red-dot sight, a compact and lightweight unit. It weighs less than 4.5 ounces and is just over 2.5 inches long. It has 11 adjustments for brightness and has a unique reticle. Compact optics are popular and for good reason. Rob Pincus has the Lucid Optics M7…

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  • 6:44

    Barricade Positions

    Rob Pincus discusses where you should position yourself inside a barricade location … and why. By “barricade room,” Rob means not necessarily a “safe room” with a vault door, cameras, and self-contained breathing apparatus, but any space where you can hide so it is more difficult for a threat to get into a position to…

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  • 4:01

    Multifunction Holsters

    Generally speaking, Rob Pincus has not been a fan of holsters that are intended to be multifunctional. It’s hard to find a holster that will work well doing the jobs that a holster needs to do while also being multi-configuration, for example, able to be worn inside or outside the waistband both equally well for…

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  • 5:12

    Winchester USA Ready Defensive Ammunition

    PDN Contributor Jerah Hutchins tests some handgun ammo, the USA Ready defensive ammunition from Winchester. It’s a 124-grain load that will be tested through an FBI standard 10% gel block. This is not a bonded bullet, which is one of the reasons we want to test it. We want to look at uniform distribution and…

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  • 5:42

    Work Sharp Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener

    The Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener from Work Sharp makes sharpening knives simple and does a great job. If you usually outsource this task, the Precision Adjust is a good choice. Rob Pincus demonstrates how it works using 15-year-old knife that has never been sharpened. It’s a utility knife with about a five-inch blade that has…

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  • 3:42

    Steiner TOR Mini Green Laser

    The Steiner TOR Mini green laser is a great option if you have a home-defense gun or other staged pistol or rifle that you want a tertiary aiming device for. AIMING DEVICES Reviewing what Rob Pincus has said about aiming devices: The primary method for aiming a defensive gun is kinesthetic alignment — getting the…

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