• 2:16

    Safety Third

    The Safety Third concept is an elegant and efficient way to look at a practical application of safety, whether it’s gun safety in relation to firearms training, or anything else you’re concerned about. When Rob Pincus heard commentator Mike Rowe talk about his “Safety Third” concept, Rob realized it overlapped perfectly with how Rob has…

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  • 4:09

    Carrying While Drinking/Impaired

    Think carefully about the appropriate and inappropriate times to have access to firearms. If our judgment is impaired and we can’t operate at our best, a firearm may not be a good choice of defensive tool. Rob Pincus explains why. Carrying a defensive firearm is always a matter of compromises, and those compromises go beyond…

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  • 7:29

    Red-Dot Sights on Pistols

    As of early 2021, Rob Pincus has officially changed his opinion on red-dot sights on pistols for those just getting started in defensive firearms skill development. RDS ON PISTOLS IN THE PAST For many years, instructor Rob Pincus believed that red-dot sights on pistols were not a good option, especially for students in handgun training,…

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  • 3:13

    Conflict De-Escalation: Snow Shoveling Incident

    WARNING: The following video contains graphic content. Conflict avoidance and conflict de-escalation are the first two rules of personal defense. In this video, Rob Pincus presents a real-life situation where these were not practiced, and the result was a tragedy that likely could have been avoided. SNOW SHOVELING INCIDENT You may have seen or heard…

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  • 7:32

    Using a Work Sharp Knife Sharpener

    During the first live PDN Product Showcase, we looked at several different types of products, including some we don’t normally talk much about but that relate to personal defense readiness. One of these was the Work Sharp family of knife sharpening tools. WORK SHARP If you carry a knife as one of your self-defense tools,…

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  • 11:05

    Testing Steiner’s Gun Optics

    In PDN’s first Product Showcase Live Event, the gun optics company featured was Steiner Optics. If you missed the live event, watch this extended video to see what Steiner is doing in terms of personal-defense optics. Steiner Optics is known as a high-quality brand that’s been in existence since the late 1940s, designing and manufacturing…

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  • 2:01

    Stealth Project Suppressors

    Rob Pincus is on the range firing a POF-USA .308 Revolution rifle but not wearing hearing protection, because a Stealth Project Suppressor is attached to the rifle. Let’s learn more about this unique suppressor design. STEALTH PROJECT The suppressor Rob is using is a .30-caliber suppressor, which means it will work on a .308, 7.62x39mm,…

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  • 8:32

    Primary Arms: All Things Defensive

    If you’re familiar with Primary Arms as an optics company, you may not know that they have a very extensive online store. In this video, we present an overview of the Primary Arms online retail site, where you can buy gear for firearms training or practice at the range. EASY TO NAVIGATE PDN Contributor Deryck…

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  • 11:53

    Weber Tactical Holsters

    Did you miss the first-ever PDN Live product review showcase? Here’s your chance to catch up on what PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus and Contributor Barret Kendrick covered on Weber Tactical Holsters. As Rob puts it, the bottom line with gun holsters and their usage is that we need a good, secure way to carry…

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