• 3:42

    Steiner TOR Mini Green Laser

    The Steiner TOR Mini green laser is a great option if you have a home-defense gun or other staged pistol or rifle that you want a tertiary aiming device for. AIMING DEVICES Reviewing what Rob Pincus has said about aiming devices: The primary method for aiming a defensive gun is kinesthetic alignment — getting the…

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  • 7:39

    Aftermath of Defensive Gun Use: Recruiting a Helper

    In the immediate aftermath of a defensive gun use, many urgent and critical things need to be addressed. We discuss these in other videos in specific contexts — active shooter response, home-defense tactics, armed defense in public, law enforcement response, medical or communication issues, and more. Considering the scope of things that may need to…

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  • 2:34

    The Clinger Hinge Holster

    The Hinge Holster from Clinger Holsters is an innovative design that offers a few different carry options. Rob Pincus takes a closer look at it. HINGE HOLSTER The first feature that caught Rob’s eye was the leather flap at the front of this hip-side holster. This is great for a 4 or 5 o’clock hold.…

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  • 8:05

    Risk Mitigation in the Firearms Industry

    When we talk about risk mitigation in the safety, security, and personal defense community, it’s vital that we identify the risks appropriately before we make plans for how to mitigate them. We also need to consider the resources — how much time, money, and personal investment we want to put into mitigating those risks, as…

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  • 3:47

    Understanding Force Options

    Our understanding of use of force options has changed over time. In the past, it was often expressed as the force continuum, which pictured force options as a linear progression starting from verbal force all the way up to lethal force. THE FORCE CONTINUUM It was often depicted as a ladder or a staircase to…

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  • 2:52

    Backpack Body Armor

    Having a ballistic panel in a backpack or other bag you can pick up quickly is much more convenient than wearing body armor all the time. Rob Pincus has a Level IIIA panel from Premier Body Armor that fits perfectly into a backpack. LEGAL ISSUES Civilian ownership of body armor is under fire in some…

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  • 2:16

    Safety Third

    The Safety Third concept is an elegant and efficient way to look at a practical application of safety, whether it’s gun safety in relation to firearms training, or anything else you’re concerned about. When Rob Pincus heard commentator Mike Rowe talk about his “Safety Third” concept, Rob realized it overlapped perfectly with how Rob has…

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  • 4:09

    Carrying While Drinking/Impaired

    Think carefully about the appropriate and inappropriate times to have access to firearms. If our judgment is impaired and we can’t operate at our best, a firearm may not be a good choice of defensive tool. Rob Pincus explains why. Carrying a defensive firearm is always a matter of compromises, and those compromises go beyond…

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  • 7:29

    Red-Dot Sights on Pistols

    As of early 2021, Rob Pincus has officially changed his opinion on red-dot sights on pistols for those just getting started in defensive firearms skill development. RDS ON PISTOLS IN THE PAST For many years, instructor Rob Pincus believed that red-dot sights on pistols were not a good option, especially for students in handgun training,…

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