Rob Pincus

Freedom Munitions X-DEF 357 Magnum

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   5  mins

One of the most celebrated rounds in handgun history, the .357 Magnum round is not what most people look to for defensive purposes today. Likewise, most manufacturers are not coming out with new .357 Magnum rounds, which is why Rob Pincus is eager to try the Freedom Munitions X-DEF 357 Magnum.

Rob discusses some situations in which a snub-nose revolver chambered in .357 would be a good defensive choice, then he does a gel test. Concerned about overpenetration, even though this round is a hollow point, Rob has two gel blocks stacked end to end. However, the results are a surprise (the good kind), a testament to Freedom Munitions in general and to how far bullet design has come.

For more gel test action, take a look at Rob’s recent test of the Freedom Munitions X-DEF 380 and 9mm.

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