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Rob Pincus
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One consideration for concealed carry is, how are you going to carry a spare magazine or two and keep them low profile? Rob Pincus utilizes appendix carry for his defensive handgun and doesn’t like to carry spare magazines on his beltline because he feels they are difficult to conceal when wearing an untucked casual shirt.


Concealed carry is a balance of compromises. For Rob, putting a spare magazine in a front pants pocket, back pocket (if the shirt or jacket is long enough to cover it), or jacket pocket is the best way to go. This means he practices drawing the spare magazine from these pockets.

When you carry magazines this way, particularly in a jacket pocket, the magazine turns and shifts as you move, making it less efficient to access the magazine and load it into your gun in the middle of a fight.


The Ulticlip Enduo spare magazine clip allows Rob to have a very low-profile magazine carried in a pocket and the magazine will maintain its orientation. The Enduo does not work the way that some similar products do, ones with a clip that stays in the pocket when the magazine is drawn. When Rob pulls the magazine out, it is oriented exactly as he wants it.

When the magazine is drawn from the pocket, the Enduo spare magazine clip retracts into its place on the bottom of the magazine. It acts like a bumper pad and gives you a more secure insertion, particularly with a flush magazine such as the one Rob is carrying.

The Enduo spare magazine clip attaches to the pocket easily, and the part of the clip that shows above the pants pocket is smaller than a pen clip. Keep in mind that if your normal carry method for spare magazines is in a pocket, your handgun training and practice should be consistent with that.

Installing the Enduo spare magazine clip is quick and simple. The high bond tape adheres to the baseplate of most pistol magazines and is ready for use after 24 hours.

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