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Edge of Reality: Knife Attacks Suck

Anyone who has spent much time with me knows that when it comes to interpersonal violence, I find knife attacks and threats the most frightening to deal with, and I spend a lot of time looking to avoid them. But if avoidance is not an option, there are a few things I believe everyone should know -- about the weapon, the user, and the defensive response.

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Bone Support, Bio Locks, and a Heavy Backbeat

What does drumming have to do with defensive use of a pistol? That is a good question, and on its surface, the answer is perhaps nothing. However, I made a connection one day while playing drums in the studio. I acknowledged the muscle power in my drumstick grip, and why. This realization in turn helped me to recognize the biomechanical lock and bone support in my shooting grip and what it does for my ability to apply skill in context.

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Testing ESS Eye Pro

I was introduced to ESS products in 2015 at the NYTOA (New York Tactical Officers Association) show held at the Turning Stone in Oneida, New York. I was shown a pair of their eye-pro glasses that had been tested with a direct shotgun blast of #4 shot at 10 meters. I was amazed that the glasses did their job and convinced me they were worth every cent to anyone who donned them.

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