• pdn-013481f_k5f38u_c-isniper-idryfire-sponsored

    Increase your speed, accuracy and efficiency with the iDryfire laser target system. It’s a great way to set up a versatile scenario training environment quickly and easily inside an area that is not available for live fire. iDryfire is a big leap forward for dry fire training. The iDryfire system consists of a sensor camera… Read more »

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  • iMarksman

    The iMarksman laser training system projects different scenarios on a screen so shooters can improve their marksmanship and decision-making abilities. How does it work? Branching Video This type of video is one of the ways in which scenario training, with projector systems and laser trainers, has evolved over the past decade. The iMarksman laser training… Read more »

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  • 012863f_k5e82u_c-laser-ammo-fstd-compressed-ready

    Regular PDN viewers know that Rob Pincus is a big fan of the high compressed ready position, not any type of extended ready position. There are numerous reasons for this preference, but the main ones are efficiency and consistency. You can do more things with the pistol in a compressed ready as opposed to an… Read more »

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  • Laser Training

    Rob Pincus demonstrates the Laser Ammo Interactive Multi-Target Training System and explains why he believes this is an excellent system for advanced defensive shooting training. Installing the Laser Training System Rob first shows how easy the system is to install in a pistol. Insert the SureStrike cartridge in the chamber. This ensures no live rounds… Read more »

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  • Starting and Stopping Your Movement

    At PDN, we’re always interested in what we can take from the world of competitive shooting and apply to improving our defensive shooting skills. In this video, world-class competitive shooter and Team Glock member Tori Nonaka demonstrates some techniques for starting and stopping movement, which she is one of the best at. Shooting From a… Read more »

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  • safety-considerations-for-indoor-shooting-range

    If you’re used to firing on an outdoor range, you may not be aware of all the safety issues shooting at an indoor range presents. PDN Contributor Andy Loeffler, who instructs at an indoor range, outlines the concerns. Hearing Protection When doing defensive firearms training or any other kind of shooting at an indoor range,… Read more »

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  • carbine-training-drills

    PDN Contributor Chris Fry of M.D.T.S. Training looks at utilizing the carbine as an intermediate-force option, or what we call direct-action combatives. This may be in a situation where we are not justified in using lethal force, or where the carbine has a malfunction or stoppage, and we need to use the carbine as an… Read more »

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  • Concealed Carry Firearm

    When we talk about staging a defensive firearm, we’re normally talking about a firearm that’s off your body, a firearm that’s loaded, or unloaded but with a magazine next to it, or in a quick-access safe, or in a bag you carry with you. Staging a Concealed Carry Firearm But you stage a concealed carry… Read more »

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  • PDN 011554f_k5e15u_c Using Video to Improve Your Techniques - PREMIUM

    Video can be an incredibly important tool in helping you diagnose problems in your physical technique, learning to perfect it and finding ways to improve your efficiency in any of your motions when you’re out at the range, when you’re developing any sort of defensive tool use, or even unarmed defensive skills. Video Capability The… Read more »

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