• 6:16

    Nemo Arms Battle-Light Carbine

    The Nemo Arms Battle-Light 1.0 in .223 Wylde in 16-inch carbine configuration is set up to be an incredibly high-quality and reliable rifle and a very versatile option. If you want a firearm you can compete in 3 Gun matches with, hunt with, set up for home defense, or use as a patrol rifle, this…

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  • 3:11

    Canik-Century Arms METE SFx

    Canik USA was the official handgun sponsor of the 2022 PDN Training Tour. Canik has taken the community by storm with their very affordable and very reliable guns. With their METE series that debuted last year, the ergonomics took a huge leap forward. All instructors on the 2022 PDN Training Tour brought one or more…

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  • 2:13

    Reloading From a Pocket

    People online talk about handgun reloading from a pocket – how slow and cumbersome it is and how they don’t practice it a lot because it’s not as cool looking as loading from a belt or a carrier, plus it’s not as fast and certainly not as smooth. But if you carry your magazines in…

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  • 0:53

    Forget the Flip

    When shooting a firearm and it runs out of ammo, what do you do? Rob Pincus hits the magazine release and the magazine drops free. And that is exactly what’s supposed to happen. It’s the miracle of gravity. It’s also all you need, or all you should need, to get the empty magazine out of…

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  • 3:08

    APF Integrated Side Folder AR

    There are many reasons why someone might want a powerful and compact defensive tool, and ARs with folding stocks have become a popular option, particularly AR pistols. Rob Pincus is carrying a very low-profile backpack, but inside it is an APF AR Pistol with built-in side folder. APF INTEGRATED SIDE FOLDER AR What’s unique about…

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  • 6:30

    Properly Pressing the Trigger

    While training students, PDN Contributor Barret Kendrick of Bearco Training has observed that most do not have a problem pointing the gun properly at the target, but may have a problem as they’re pressing the trigger. What’s going on and how can this be fixed? THAT PERFECT SIGHT PICTURE Many shooters wait until they see…

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  • 4:31

    Personal Defense Time Management

    PDN Training Tour Instructor Jerah Hutchins discusses the role of time management in helping shooters become – and remain – committed to improving their personal-defense readiness. FRONTLOAD YOUR TRAINING Jerah has a companion video, Tips for New Gun Owners, that will be helpful if you’re getting started. There is no magic formula for accelerated learning.…

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  • 4:06

    Tips for New Gun Owners

    If you’re a new gun owner, PDN Training Tour Instructor Jerah Hutchins has some tips to help you get started, with a focus on training. HOW TO TRAIN Think of your handgun training as if you’re going to university: You must start with an introductory class and build on that, not just take any course…

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  • 5:32

    Patriot Firearms Drill Deck

    PDN Contributor Deryck Poole is on the range with the Patriot Firearms School Drill Deck, a tool that will help you do your best handgun training and practice. The Drill Deck he’s using is made for the Balance of Speed and Precision Target that we often use in PDN videos. Other versions of the Drill…

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