• 5:32

    Patriot Firearms Drill Deck

    PDN Contributor Deryck Poole is on the range with the Patriot Firearms School Drill Deck, a tool that will help you do your best handgun training and practice. The Drill Deck he’s using is made for the Balance of Speed and Precision Target that we often use in PDN videos. Other versions of the Drill…

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  • 7:14

    Boresight Solutions Firearms Customization

    PDN Contributor Deryck Poole shows the custom work Boresight Solutions did on his Glock everyday carry guns. What does Boresight do and is it right for you? WHY CUSTOMIZE? Why send your carry gun to Boresight Solutions to customize it when there are so many manufacturers making what seems like every conceivable type of handgun…

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  • 7:47

    Pyramyd Air Guns

    There’s a place for non-live-fire training in our preparations for armed defense. Pyramyd Air has a wide variety of realistic replica air guns that have a role to play in training. During the Fall 2021 PDN Live Product Showcase, Rob Pincus and Barret Kendrick discussed how we can use replica air guns to enhance our…

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  • 3:38

    Winchester 12-Gauge Defender Ammo

    PDN viewers know Rob Pincus recommends the Winchester Defender line of ammunition for personal defense and training. In this video, Rob is joined by PDN Contributor Jerah Hutchins of Clearing the Chamber to demonstrate the importance of patterning a defensive shotgun to enhance training. PATTERNING … NOT JUST FOR WATERFOWL The round being patterned is…

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  • 7:33

    Target Nation 3D FRED Target System

    When doing range training or practice, we’re usually shooting at flat pieces of paper or steel. But the human body we may need to shoot at to defend ourselves is not flat, so 3D targets are preferable. The Target Nation 3D FRED Target is a valuable training tool. TARGET NATION 3D FRED TARGET SYSTEM From…

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  • 6:30

    Proper Grip To Manage Handgun Recoil

    PDN’s Training Talk co-hosts, Barret Kendrick and Deryck Poole, team up on the range to demonstrate the importance of grip on a handgun when it comes to recoil management. In a self-defense incident, we can’t predict the number of rounds we may have to fire, and data shows it will likely be more than one…

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  • 7:06

    Reaction Time in Response to Threats

    PDN Contributor Barret Kendrick of Bearco Training tackles the complex subject of reaction time in response to a threat. How much time it takes to get the gun out of the holster and fire a shot is obviously very important. A lot of gun carriers strive to get the gun out of the holster and…

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  • 2:51

    Shield Arms Glock 48 Magazine

    The Glock 48 is currently Rob Pincus’s firearm of choice for concealed carry. One of the reasons he switched from a Glock 43L is the Shield Arms 15-round magazine. It’s a real game changer for the Glock 48. The Glock 43L Rob had been carrying is a Glock 48 slide with a Glock 43 grip…

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  • 2:16

    Safety Third

    The Safety Third concept is an elegant and efficient way to look at a practical application of safety, whether it’s gun safety in relation to firearms training, or anything else you’re concerned about. When Rob Pincus heard commentator Mike Rowe talk about his “Safety Third” concept, Rob realized it overlapped perfectly with how Rob has…

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