• PDN 013583f_k5f57u_c FN P12 Pump Gauge Shotgun - SPONSORED

    The 12-gauge pump-action shotgun is ubiquitous in the defensive market and in police cruisers. FN’s version, the FN P-12, is a weapon you can rely on for home defense or patrol use. We do some shotgun training with the P-12 to see how it performs. No Ordinary 12 Gauge The FN name is associated with… Read more »

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  • 013107f_k5f06u_c

    Does a home-defense rifle or shotgun need a rifle sling? Rob Pincus believes any long gun that will potentially be used in the chaotic environment of personal defense absolutely should have a sling. Whether for a law-enforcement officer wielding a patrol rifle, or anyone in the military who carries a rifle on patrol and keeps… Read more »

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  • FN 15 Tactical II Rifle

    Just about every company makes an AR-15 these days, but we have higher expectations of an AR from FN, whose tagline is “the world’s most battle-proven firearms.” FN has a sterling track record with our military and armed forces all over the world. But is this the firearm you need for home defense and rifle… Read more »

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  • 004512f_k5166u_c

    PDN Contributor Claude Werner instructs three shooters how to perform a drill reloading a snub-nosed revolver with prepackaged ammunition. One shooter uses speed strips because he is shooting a Ruger LCR. Two shooters have a speed loader: one an HKS and the other a DS. Step-by-Step Instructions for Speed Loader Claude, who is also the… Read more »

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  • 013526f_k5f48u_c

    Self-defense training on a budget is a topic Rob Pincus has talked and written about extensively over many years. The budget issue is always a concern, and it’s not just about money. It can also be about time and/or access to training. Now Rob presents an update on the subject because some big changes are… Read more »

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  • 013160f_k5f22u_c

    Should you pull the trigger of a gun to show that it is empty? Rob Pincus answers this with an emphatic “No.” In this handgun training video, he demonstrates the procedure he recommends for unloading and showing that a gun is clear. When Should You Pull the Trigger? Pull the trigger only when you intend… Read more »

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  • 013525f_k5f47u_c Athleticism Vs. Fitness

    What is the difference between athleticism and fitness, and what does that difference mean for students of personal defense, especially those who are not in prime physical condition? Defining the Terms PDN has put out a lot of information stressing the importance of fitness and helping people integrate fitness concepts and ideas into their self-defense… Read more »

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  • FN FNS-9 Compact 9mm Handgun

    The FNS-9 Compact from FN is a handgun Rob Pincus is very enthusiastic about and believes that more people should consider for concealed carry and defensive use. The reliability and durability of FN guns are well proven. They’re accurate and will work for you when you need them to. Here’s his full review. Excellent Concealed-Carry… Read more »

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  • CMMG - Rifles - 2017 Tour Sponsor

    It’s great to have CMMG back on the PDN Training Tour for their third year as a sponsor and providing demo rifles for Rob to use during training tour courses. The CMMG rifles Rob brings to class are often pressed into service when a student’s rifle goes down, and have proven durable and reliable during… Read more »

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