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Training summits, also known as training conferences, are becoming more popular and offer good value and expanded learning opportunities to attendees. PDN Contributor Don Edwards of Greenline Tactical tells us more about them.


A training summit is a training event where the participants can sign up for multiple different types of courses. Some courses may be classroom seminars and others live-fire firearms training classes on the range. Typically a training summit is a multi-day event and attendees can take a different class every few hours.

These conferences have been standard for decades in other fields, and now the tactical and defensive shooting worlds are offering them.


Don discusses a training summit his company will be offering in November as an example of what happens at such an event: the Greenline Tactical Night Operations Summit 2023. Don notes that his specialties are night vision and low-light shooting and tactics. During four days and nights, each night there will be different blocks of instruction that attendees can sign up for. If you don’t have night vision gear, low-light-focused classes will be offered every night and you can sign up for those.

In addition, several companies in the low-light and night-vision gear businesses will be attending with their products, and students will be able to see the newest gear in these ever-evolving fields.


Don believes these training conferences offer valuable learning opportunities. Attendees get to sample subject matter they might be unsure about or always wanted to learn more about. They get to train with several different instructors and can decide if they want to train with them in the future.

The sense of camaraderie built up by attendees over a multi-day event is also a great benefit of these training summits. In addition, they are held all over the country, so may not require a long trip to attend.

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