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  • Ezekiel Band

    Ezekiel Band

    The Ezekiel Band is a triple threat: a fashion bracelet, survival bracelet, and defense bracelet. Designer Rick Foster shows how it works and explains the concepts behind it. The Ezekiel Band is 10 to 12 feet of paracord with a bit of defense band on it. It’s named for the jiu-jitsu choke called the Ezekiel…

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  • De-Cap-a-Turtle


    De-Cap-a-Turtle came from this novel bottle opener shaped a bit like a turtle. It can be carried conveniently almost anywhere and put into use as a defensive tool in an extreme close quarters situation. Many people carry bottle openers with them every day. This one serves a second, potentially life saving, purpose.

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  • Getting Started Shooting a Revolver

    Getting Started Shooting a Revolver

    PDN Contributor and revolver expert Grant Cunningham has some pointers for shooting a revolver efficiently as well as tips for shooters who are new to the double-action defensive revolver. The first two things to concentrate on are mastering the long, heavy double-action trigger pull and the reload. Close-up camera work helps illustrate the finer points…

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  • Knife Training and Knife Grips

    Knife Training and Knife Grips

    Alessandro Padovani of Safer Faster Defense works with you on knife training and demonstrates how to grip a knife in a defensive context. He shows the three ways to grip a knife. The hammer grip, where you hold the knife as if it were a hammer, is a strong grip but you lose some dexterity.…

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  • Understanding Double/Single Action Hand Guns-Best Defense Handgun

    Understanding Double/Single Action Handguns

    Rob Pincus is on the range with a double-action/single-action semiautomatic defensive handgun to explain exactly how it works and review its characteristics. Is this type of handgun right for you?

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  • Firearm Training

    C.O.R.R.: Clamp, Orient, Ram, Retract.

    Chris Fry of MDTS Training takes a step-by-step look at employing the C.O.R.R. principle with a long gun. It’s designed to prevent takeaways and engage an aggressor at close quarters without using lethal force. Chris also presents options for lethal force should that become necessary.

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  • Tactical Firearms Training: Professionals vs. Citizens

    Tactical Firearms Training: Professionals vs. Citizens

    PDN Contributor and owner of 10X Defense Omari Broussard speaks to the rationale behind objective-based measurement of shooting skill. Armed professionals such as military and law enforcement personnel must demonstrate accuracy and speed in order to perform their jobs through tactical firearms training. But having objective standards for private citizens training for personal defense is…

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  • How to Draw From a Purse Holster

    Concealed Carry Purse: How to Draw From a Holster Purse

    Watch our concealed carry purse video with Gander Mountain Academy Lead Instructor Amanda Barron demonstrates the proper form for presenting a firearm from a purse holster. Treat the concealed carry purse like any other holster: don’t let it flop around loose but keep it controlled and hold it tight against your body with your non-shooting…

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